Amnesia Trance Auto-Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Amnesia Haze is a cross-breed between Cambodian and Super Silver Haze. And because of this powerful combination, it received an award in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. Though the strain is already at its best qualities, the creator of this strain still wanted to improve it. After three years of hard work, the latest Amnesia Haze (now called Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem) has a better bud production, higher THC content and a short flowering period.

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Specifications of Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 65 days
Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
Yield: 450grams/m2
Stone:  Relaxed and Euphoric
THC Level: 20-25%
Height: Medium to Tall
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem

– Amnesia Trance is a Sativa-dominant strain. It consists of 65% of Sativa and 35% of Indica.

– The plant is ideal for indoor and outdoor planting, but the height varies on where you will plant the seeds. If planted indoors, its height is around 36 inches. If it’s grown outdoors, it can reach up to 7 feet.

– The leaves of this plant are thin and the bud to leaf ratio is good. Its flowers have white hair and it produces lots of resins.

– With a high THC content, Amnesia Trance is a hard-hitting strain. The strain’s aroma is pungent with peaches and roses smell. As per its taste, the strain also has musky and flowery flavors with a kick of pepper.

– Since it is a Sativa-dominant plant, its stone effect is more of like a Sativa.

– Its effect affects the mind than the body. A person who hits this strain will have an overall bliss feeling. He will feel euphoric, relaxed, and his creativity will burst after he consumed the strain. However, you will get drowsy after its use.

– The strain is ideal for nighttime use as it makes you feel sleepy and relaxed.

– Because of the effect, this strain can cure many pains and diseases. Some of the diseases that it cures are stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and migraine. Patients who use this strain claim that it’s much better than other pharmaceutical treatments.

Growing Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem Tips

Amnesia Trance is ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. But since most Amnesia Trance available were all auto-feminized seeds, it’s best to grow it indoors so you can control the environment. Moreover, utmost care is crucial if you want to produce good yields. Hence, if you are a novice farmer, then this is not for you.