Are there Marijuana Strains for Weight Loss?

In spite of the munchies anecdotes, there are recent scientific researches that correlate marijuana and weight loss. Some marijuana expertise claims that smoking of marijuana can actually enhance their weight loss, while some of the researchers assert that marijuana has no direct influence with the weight loss.

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Is Marijuana Effective in Losing Weight?

Apparently, that question remains a mystery for some reason, but there are certain assumptions that the scientists have formulated in regards to the correlation of marijuana strains to weight loss. If marijuana causes the munchies, how is that even possible for some people to consider it as their personal aid for their weight loss?

Recent research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows the lower rate of obesity who smoke weed while having a higher rate of obesity with those who do not smoke pot at all.

Researchers found out the strong correlation between lower risks of obesity and weed smoking; however, the correlation between the body weight and marijuana does not simply mean that smoking weed has a direct influence to weight loss. They have speculated that the smokers might be only looking for comfort through smoking more weed. Because of the cannabis main chemical ingredients that induce a variety of psychoactive effects, the stoners are well-driven to marijuana smoking instead of eating more their favorite food. It is a psychological aspect, in a nutshell.

The very existence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabis’ main psychoactive ingredient, has been shown to aid dieting, while the other chemical content in cannabis like Cannabidiol (CBD) reduces the stoner’s appetite-increasing THC effects in a similar manner that it reduces its paranoia-inducing chemical content.

There was also a study that was published in the Journal of American Medicine that shows marijuana users also had lower insulin levels than the non-smokers. Insulin is a hormone produced in pancreas is in charge of regulating the human body’s metabolism of triglycerides (neutral fats) and carbohydrates (complex sugars). This implies that pot smokers may be less likely to develop diabetes mellitus and to reduce weight.

Other than insulin and triglycerides, it correlates as well in some positive biochemical reactions to the human body by the blocking CB1 receptors which include alteration in waist circumference, body weight, high-density lipoprotein or ‘good HDL cholesterol’, and etc. Thus, providing an answer for people who want to lose their weight, it also drives into development in the human endocannabinoid system. Because of these effects on the endocannabinoid system, it has long been assumed that cannabis consumption would tend to cause weight gain.

Paradoxically, cannabis consumption makes users to gain weight, caused by the amplified taste in marijuana, but several studies contradict in this theory, as users experience less diabetic and less obese than the non-users.

Well, there are strains which enhance your appetite and there are some that don’t. It just depends which strain you use.

However, whatever the explanation, researches in regards to marijuana is full of surprises. The scientists still have to work for more scientific breakthroughs that could disprove the aforementioned paradoxical statements. Don’t be fret. It is natural because anything that cannot be disproved is beyond the realm of science.