Atomic Northern Lights Review

The Atomic Northern Lights reached popularity through the means of traveling thanks to those who discovered it. During the 1980s, Afghani indica seeds were brought to the United States to be bred with a strain called as Thai Haze. The result of the two strains created the original Northern Lights, an award-winning Cannabis Cup strain. The strain then was brought to Canada, to Dr. Atomic Seeds, and cross-bred it with a relative strain. What came out is an indica-dominant strain that can flower within 8 weeks.

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Atomic Northern Lights Weed Strain Specifications

Type: mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 55 days (8 weeks)
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Very High
Flavors: Pungent and Cheesy with a dash of Citrus
THC Level: 14 24%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Atomic Northern Lights?

Atomic Northern Lights is popular for its ability to give you a euphoric and happy experience. It will surely give good laughs to friends who smoke this during their hangout time. It’s also great for dining out with friends as it can make you hungry as well. The potent THC content of the product is known to be a worthy purchase as well. Some even call this as the “viagra of cannabis”.

What are the Medical Benefits of Atomic Northern Lights?

The strain has a lot of medical properties in it. It can be a pain reliever for those who have sore body parts and muscles. It’s also great for relieving depression, which is excellent due to its effect in keeping your mood happy. It’s also perfect for having a sweet dream due to its ability to prevent insomnia. It can also cure nausea and headaches, making it a perfect hangover cure besides from being medically beneficial.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Atomic Northern Lights?

The only problem with the plant is that it can make you thirsty due to its dry mouth effect. It can also give a minor instance of the red eyes. Too much dosage of the Atomic Northern Lights can also make you a bit dizzy.

Tips for Growing Atomic Northern Lights

Dr. Atomic did a good job in developing such an easy plant. The plant is known to be resilient and is excellent to grow at any kind of soil. However, it struggles in areas that aren’t rich in soil. So make sure that you use healthy soil for growing the plant. Expect a high yield from the product once grown properly and not just a fast way to harvest your precious buds.