Azura Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Azura Seeds

The Azura strain is a perfect marijuana plant to grow for those who have enough experience in growing and breeding weed. This pot, which got its name from its almost azure color, is pretty popular among cannabis growers and users because of its interesting berries like scent and flavor. The Azura has a unique zest and a strong high greatly contributed by indica and a cross between different kinds of exotic seed strains. The unique crosses of Azura have resulted in an impressive yield that can reach a staggering 700 grams. This strain is best when cultivated indoors in the best setup. Some marijuana strains are easy to grow for starting pot growers but this one needs TLC from someone who is well-experienced in growing pot plants. If a grower decides to cultivate this type of strain, he must be well prepared as the growing process is a bit more difficult than other seed strains.

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Where to buy Azura cannabis seeds?

You can order Azura cannabis seeds from online seedbanks. Buying from an online seedbank is safe and secure because they are very much experienced in doing this kind of business. They know how to ship their products securely and they do all precautionary measures to protect the privacy of their customers. If you order Azura weed seeds from an online seedbank, you may also receive premium-free marijuana seeds.

Azura Marijuana Specification

Type: mostly indica
Flowering Period: 9-11 weeks
Climate: indoor/ outdoor
Yield: 700 gr/m²
Stone: tutti frutti high
THC Level:  17-22%
Height: 50-75 cm
Grow Difficulty: moderate, experienced

Special Features of Azura

  • Azura strain features an attractive violet and blue shiny crystal buds that are tutti fruity when tasted.

  • It is composed of 60% indica traits and 40% of it is sativa. Azura is strong and high-yielding as the result of selectively crossbreeding Light of Jah and 2 more selections.

  • The aroma of Azura is captivating as it boasts a fruity sweet berry smell and taste. Smoking the buds will give you an energetic high that is at the same time very relaxing due to its indica characteristics.

  • It produces buds with high THC level of 17% to 22% and after 9 to 11 weeks of flowering time, Azura can give you a good harvest of 700 grams per plant.

Growing Azura Tips

This is not recommended for new growers because Azura is quite demanding to grow. To get the most out of this cannabis variety, grow it in a hydro set up or in a soil medium using fluorescents or LED lamps as the artificial light source.