Batman OG Strain Review

Also known as Batman Kush, Batman OG is a potent strain that has a mysterious origin. You will definitely feel like fighting some villains after some few tokes of this strong bud. Just like Batman himself, this strain packs a punch and is a proven heavy hitter. This strain can hit you hard and has powerful sedative properties. If you are a newbie in smoking cannabis, it is advisable that you smoke Batman OG in smaller quantities. However, if you have been smoking cannabis for quite some time now, then perhaps, you’ll have the power to enjoy the effects of this Caped Crusader.

Type: Indica-Dominant Strain, 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Flowering: 8 to 10 weeks

Climate: Dry and warm

Yield: Medium to high

Flavors: Sour, sweet, dank, pine, flowery, skunky, pungent

THC Level: 25%

Height: Medium to tall

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Batman OG?

Batman OG can make you feel happy and euphoric within the first few tokes. It dramatically boosts your creativity and helps you concentrate on whatever you are doing. Batman OG can arouse its users and can make them more talkative than ever. However, as the effects slowly creep, you’ll feel stoney and giggly. After a while, your body starts to relax. Then you’ll start feeling lazy and sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Batman OG?

Because of the strong sedative effects of Batman OG, this strain is perfect for individuals who are suffering from insomnia. It is a 100% guarantee that Batman OG can improve your sleep pattern and quality. Batman OG can also help you bring back your appetite – this strain is also widely used to treat anorexia. A lot of medical marijuana doctors today are prescribing Batman OG to their patients who are suffering from glaucoma.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Batman OG?

Since Batman OG is a strong strain, expect dryness of mouth and eyes. Once again, this strain is recommended for advanced cannabis smokers.

Tips for Growing Batman OG

Batman OG can be grown in both indoors and outdoors. As long as you know how to provide them with the right nutrients and water. It is also critical that you have an idea how to trim or prune these strains.