Best Marijuana Strain for Sleep

Sleep is very precious, especially in our modern times, when we barely have time to rest because of other important things that may come our way. If this is a problem that you constantly face, a number of over-the-counter medications are available to help you get you precious sleep.

However, the downside to these medications is that they often come with some long-term side effects. As an alternative option, you can take into consideration using an all-natural solution, such as marijuana. There are a lot of strains that are ideal for helping you have a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for the best marijuana strain for sleep then consider the weed strains we have listed below.

Cream Caramel

Key Features:

  • Type: 90% Indica 10% Sativa
  • THC Level: 24%
  • Flavors: Vanilla, Sweet, Nutty, Honey, Coffee, Caramel, Buttery
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Hungry, Happy, Euphoria, Body High

This strain is also known by the name Caramel Cake, named after its sugar and caramel smell. As a 90% indica strain, it offers relaxing and heavy effects which can become extremely soothing to the body and mind. This means that as you puff, the effects kick in, and you pass out, perfect if you have a problem with sleeping. If you are planning to stay indoors, this is the best option for you. You will not just notice an improved focus and concentration, but incredible calmness that hits you fast.

Blue Cheese

Key Features:

  • Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC Level: 20%
  • Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Creamy, Cheesy, Blueberry
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Hungry, Happy, Euphoria, Creative

Blue Cheese is a recommended indica dominant strain because of its potency. This strain is ideal if you are looking for a strain that relaxes both mind and body after a very long day. It can also put you to sleep in just a short period of time. It may not put you into a helpless couchlock, but it is best if you want to unwind. It is also very effective when it comes to treating minor aches and pains in your body. As a bonus, you will definitely enjoy its highly delicious flavor of combined blueberry and cheese, right before you head off to sleep.

Purple Urkle

Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 18-21%
  • Flavors: Sweet, Skunky, Grape, Fruity, Berry
  • Effects: Happy, Euphoria, Creative

Purple Urkle is a well-loved strain because of its body high and deep relaxing qualities. As such, it is an ideal option for providing treatment to insomnia and other sleep related disorders, as well as body pain, almost simultaneously. It is highly recommended for those who have a very active lifestyle, and are suffering from muscle pains after toiling hard at work. Its aroma is also a combination of fresh berries, grapes and skunk, making it perfect for a nighttime smoke.

Critical Mass

Key Features:

  • Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC Level: 19-22%
  • CBD Level: 5%
  • Flavors: Sweet. Skunky, Honey, Citrus
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Happy, Euphoria

Critical mass is popular as among as the strongest indicas available. As such, it is a recommended option for individuals who are having problems falling and staying asleep. In fact, it is so potent that even just a small amount of this strain can already knock you out to sleep. It is both a pain-reliever and a sedative, making it well loved by those who are dealing with chronic pain and nausea. You will definitely enjoy its citrusy and earthy flavor, which makes it very pleasant to your senses.

OG Kush

Key Features:

  • Type: 55% Sativa 45% Indica
  • THC Level: 24%
  • Flavors: Woody, Pine, Lemon
  • Effects: Hungry, Happy, Euphoria, Energizing, Body High

OG Kush is a hybrid strain, making it very effective for unwinding, and relaxing towards the end of a very long day. It will help you manage anxiety and stress. If you feel that you are not able to fall asleep easily because you cannot stop thinking about issues at work as well as other stress related concerns, OG Kush is a recommended option for you. As a bonus, this strain is easy to find, and is currently available in most of the dispensaries, which means that you will not have a difficulty finding it for your needs.

Granddaddy Purple

Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 17-27%
  • CBD Level: 7%
  • Flavors: Pine, Grape
  • Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Euphoria

Another popular strain is Granddaddy Purple. As a popular indica strain, it offers a quick mind and body hit, even though some users report that it also offers a smooth buzz in the body afterwards. It is highly recommended to start with one or two huge puffs since it is very powerful and potent. Because of this potency, this strain is also perfect in treating depression and anxiety.

Skywalker OG

Key Features:

  • Type: 85% Indica 15% Sativa
  • THC Level: 20-25%
  • CBD Level: 2%
  • Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Pine, Fruity, Citrus
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Happy, Euphoria

It does not have to be a Jedi to understand the power of this strain. It is very potent as an indica dominant hybrid strain. It can bring you to a faraway galaxy with its capacity. If your problem has something to do with falling or staying asleep, this strain is the best option for you to take into consideration. What you can expect is a head-in-the-clouds type of euphoric head high that gradually fades into a peaceful, deep sleep.

When choosing among strains, it is important to know what each of them can offer, especially since they come with their own set of features, including different levels of THC and CBD. They also come in various types. Sativa strains, in general, are designed to offer energizing boost, while indica strains can give you a great body high, while giving a very effective relaxing feeling. Indica is also known to contain different cannabinoids that can work with THC in order to induce sleep even further. In order to address sleeping issues, smoking is the most popular way to consume cannabis. Edibles and tinctures are also good options to consider.