Bidz Bay Review

Bidz Bay is a group of individuals who have been in the industry of cannabis marketing for 20 years now. This organization is part of BreedBaY, which promotes the purchase from the breeders themselves to establish direct contact.

The reason why this group is something you shouldn’t miss is that you will be genuinely taken care for since its principles revolve on direct selling. This means that there wouldn’t be any subsidiaries or retails to go through to get to them. You could get the products from the breeders themselves.

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Best Features of Bidz Bay

Shipping Information

When it comes to shipping, you have to be able to contact the key personnel first. The growers and other members of the community are available for you to talk to. If you have any concerns about the shipment, you could easily communicate with them.

Seed Selections

Seed selections here are various as well. Since this is bred by someone you will ultimately know about as you interact with the group, you could easily inform them about some unfortunate scenarios through the reviews regarding their products are more of positive feedbacks.

Customer Service

Customer service here will get you satisfied. With open chats and you could meet the sellers online. There will be no problems with communication at all.

The lively chatroom is the best attribute in Bidz Bay and there is also a gallery available for you to get a glimpse of the strains the group can offer.

Pricing and Payment Method

As for the pricing, it might vary from time to time. It could depend on a lot of things like the weather, scarcity, etc. The chatroom consists of breeders who can offer you quality seeds at a good price. Bidz Day would always want to ensure that the product you receive passes their standards.

What we like about Bidz Bay

The great about the Bidz Bay is their ability to provide a friendly environment for buyers but at the same time being strict when it comes to their standards and quality. Although there are a lot of breeders here, everyone participates in the fair market share and what you want can be openly discussed here. You might even end up with new friends!