Black Label Kush

Black Label Kush, is a classical indica that has been used for quite some time now for stress relief and other medication such as body pain. Moreover, for those people who are experiencing burning out through work, it is a perfect way to get rid of those worries and pressure by popping up a smoke. It does make your body and mind relax, plus, it will give you the sensation happy feeling.

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But though black label kush has been used for a long time for stress relief, it has its pungency when you consider its overall negative side effect. Its buds are green in color and you can simply distinguish its class because of the purplish leaves.

Bhang Lavender Kush Weed Strain Specifications

Type:Grade A Hybrid Cannabis
Flowering Period: 60-65 Days                                                                                                                                  
Flavors: Woody, Berry Citrus
THC Level:15%
Growing Difficulty:Intermediate

What are the Effects of Black Label Kush?

Its effect can last for a long time with sharp crisp scent giving you the sensation you need whenever you want to. The effect can last for about an hour or two depending on how much you take. But unlike other cannabis, black label kush would not keep your body active. Instead, you will feel lazy, sleepy, and happy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Label Kush?

This cannabis is excellent for curing insomnia. It is helpful for people who are depressed which is highly effective for anxiety prevention. It can treat paranoia, muscle pains, and nausea.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Black Label Kush?

As soon as the effect is gone, there are some instances that you may feel dizzy. This often happens when you woke up after the cannabis gives you a very good sweet sleep. Dried mouth and dried eyes are common cases.  If you overuse this strain, it may lead to paranoia.

Tips for Growing Black Label Kush

Growing Black Label Kush is not as complicated as it sounds. Yet again, you need to have a little bit of background when it comes to gardening. You can do both indoor and outdoor which can grow with different climate as long as you can provide a tent.