Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain Review

Blissful Wizard is a powerful hybrid strain made by combining Captain’s Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. This fusion has led to a strain with lemon, cream and lime flavors and a kick that you will surely remember due to its high THC content. Blissful Wizard is highly coveted not just for its psychoactive effects but also for its therapeutic effects. It can treat headaches, stress, nausea and appetite loss.

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Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid

Flowering Period: 60 days

Climate: Moderate

Yield: Moderate

Flavors: Lemon, lime, mint and pungent

THC Levels: 30%

Height: Medium

Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are effects of Blissful Wizzard?

Blissful Wizard has an overall euphoric effect. It can make you feel giggly, happy and uplifted. You will also feel hungry which leads to binge eating and improvement in appetite. You will also feel relaxed as you use it daily. All these effects make it a good daytime drug.

What are the medical benefits of Blissful Wizzard?

This hybrid strain will be able to treat anorexia, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation and lack of appetite. It can also help with depression, anxiety, and stress. Blissful Wizard also helps with nausea which is a common side effect of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Blissful Wizzard?

Blissful Wizard can cause dry eyes and red eyes. It can also cause dry mouth. Those who are new to using this strain can also expect dizziness and paranoia. This is why extra caution is needed when it comes to using Blissful Wizard for the first time.

Tips for growing Blissful Wizzard

There is only a few information about how to grow Blissful Wizard and the most important of all is to give the plant extra TLC especially during its flowering stages. Monitor pests and check for fungus and molds because these can destroy the strain’s wonderful large nugs. You will also find this a bit challenging to grow if you are still learning the ropes of growing cannabis so this is not for first-time growers too. And when it comes to food, organic fertilizer and supplements will work best for Blissful Wizard.