Blue Kush Strain Review

If there is anything that could top the sensations the Blue Kush strain offers, that would be the feeling of deep emotional grip. The strain combines the traits of known strains, Blueberry and the OG Kush. But among the strains bred from the Blueberry genetic lineage, the Blue Kush appears to have bagged in a larger percentage of heritage from the Blueberry. Thus, as users claim, the Blue Kush bears strong fruity, Blueberry scent with flows of sweetness. Saying it simple- the Blue Kush captivates all senses. The Blue Kush proudly banners the flag of the Dinafem Seeds; the cultivating team that ensured the emergence of the strain.

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Then, the rest was history for them. Technically, the Blue Kush flowers around 8-9 weeks. Under a sunny and dry outdoor climate, the Blue Kush strain promises to yield for as much as 595.34 grams when grown outdoor. More so, it offers a multitude of flavors- Blueberry, Citrus, Sweet, Lemony Sour, Tangy, Earthy, Harsh and Pine. By THC level, the strain pleases with a decent 20%. The strain can grow to around 250-350 cm (indoor-outdoor). That is fairly tall for any kush strains to achieve. Finally, the Blue Kush strain responses well to cultivators, making it an easy grow.

Blue Kush Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Sunny and Dry Outdoor Climate
Yield: 510 grams indoor, 595.34 grams outdoor
Flavors: Pine, Blueberry, Citrus, Sweet, Lemony, Sour, Tangy, Earthy, Harsh, Pine
THC Level: 20%
Height: 250- 350 cm (indoor-outdoor)
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of the Blue Kush?

With its average THC content, the Blue Kush strain has been noted to provide solid feels to users. These include the feelings of being suddenly uplifted, intently creative, euphoric, happy, relaxed and motivated.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Blue Kush?

The Blue Kush strain has been confirmed by most experts to be an effective combatant against Nausea, Depression, Stress, Pain, and Headaches.

What are the Negative Effects of the Blue Kush?

Words of caution for this highly-potent strain: it has solid side-effects too. These side effects include Partial Anxiety, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Paranoia, and Sudden Dizziness,

Tips for Growing Blue Kush?

⦁ The Blue Kush strain grows best indoor.
⦁ It has a distinct weakness to humidity. So, keep humidity, not above 40% indoor and out.