Blueberry Blast Strain Review

Another addition to the Blue Dream series, the Blueberry Blast strain marks the brilliant work of the trusted cultivators from Snow High Seeds. Using Johnny Blaze strain’s seminal root and sexing it to the Blueberry-Haze’s embracing stems, the Snow High Seeds succeeded in birthing the Blueberry Blast strain. Being a berry child, tracing its lineage to the Blues family, the strain smells excitingly of berry tones and an almost candy-like sweetness.

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At certain inhales, users, claim that the Blueberry Blast strain can blast off with an extreme woody scent. As experts would put it, the strain naturally elicits an earthy and woody feel because it has a shallow in-breeding state. Simply said, a woody scent indicates a more virginal genetic output of the strain. Overall, the Blueberry Blast has been expected to blast users off as any psychedelics would do. After it makes one excited, it puts the user to a euphoric calmness, making him/her want to give in to sleep’s embrace.

Blueberry Blast Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Period: 9-12 weeks (indoor-outdoor)
Climate: Moderately Hot to Dry Climate
Yield: 203 grams indoor, 280 grams outdoor
Flavors: Berry, Earthy, Citrusy, Fruity, Tangy, Woody
THC Level: From 19%- 27%
Height: 86 cm indoor- 190 cm outdoor
Growing Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

What are the Effects of the Blueberry Blast?

The Blueberry Blast has been noted to provide a plate of effects to its users: creative, happy, euphoric, calm, energetic, motivated and intent focus.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Blueberry Blast?

The Blueberry Blast strain has been confirmed to cure discomforts like Pains, Depression, Nausea, Fatigue, Extreme Tiredness, and Chronic Stress.

What are the Negative Effects of the Blueberry Blast?

The Blueberry Blast strain’s blasting potency cannot go unnoticed in terms of its side-effects: Dry Eyes and Mouth, Dizziness, Paranoia, and Slight Anxiety.

Tips for Growing Blueberry Blast?

⦁ Heavy-feeding is a favorite blast of the Blueberry Blast strain.
⦁ The Blueberry Blast strain can yield heavily-coated trichomes. This can be a challenge during harvest time as the thick buds and coats make it difficult for you to spot resins. You can best avoid this by manually removing center growths within the strain’s foliage.