Blueberry OG Review

This strain of cannabis is the result of the cross-breeding of the DJ Short Blueberry strain and the OG Kush. It is perfect for night or evening use due to the fact that it can put its users to sleep because of its sedative properties. The seeds of this strain are all females.

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Blueberry OG Weed Strain Specifications

Type: indica / sativa
Flowering Period: October (outdoors), medium flowering time (indoors)
Climate: Mediterranean Climate
Yield: medium to high
Flavors: blueberry and earthy flavors
THC Level: 18% to 22%
Height: Medium to tall
Growing Difficulty:

What Are The Effects Of Blueberry OG?

This kind of strain of marijuana is perfect for night time use because of the sedative effects that it brings to those people who use it. This plant has an anti-inflammatory effect and also has a calming effect. For those people who use the Blueberry OG, they can feel euphoric and relaxed whenever they take a puff of this strain of marijuana.

What Are The Medical Benefits of Blueberry OG?

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of this strain, it can be used as a pain reliever to most pain that people feel. Another medical benefit of the Blueberry OG is that it can lift the mood of those people who are having a bad day. Insomniac patients can use this strain of marijuana so that they can get a good night sleep. Depressed and anxious people are advised to use this strain by their doctors because of the calming effects that it can bring to people.

What Are The Negative Effects That You Can Expect From Blueberry OG?

As like the other strains of marijuana that are available in the market today, there are some negative effects that people can experience when they use the Blueberry OG. One of these negative effects is hungriness. Another negative side effect of this strain is that too much usage can lead to sleepiness. This is the reason why it is best that people should take and use this strain during evenings.

Tips For Growing Blueberry OG

Blueberry OG can bring the heavy harvest to growers as long as they tend to the needs of the plant properly. The right temperature should be administered to maximize the harvest that they can get from this plant.