Bog Seeds Strain Review

Bog Seeds is a cannabis company that is specifically located in Montana. It has been growing cannabis seeds indoors for almost 30 years even before the invention of the famous HID lighting. Indeed, Bog Seeds is a renowned breeder offering high-quality cannabis seeds to commercial growers and the hobbyists.

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Best Features of Bog Seeds

Shipping Information

This breeder does not have a website. If you want to order their cannabis seeds, you have to deal with their trusted and reputable seed bank partners. Using the search engine, type the name of the Bog cannabis strain you are looking for and several seed banks will come up. Generally, standard shipping and delivery time frames apply with stealth packaging.

Seed Selections

Bog Seeds are also called as the Bubblegum Guru. This is because of the great love for this unique and sweet strain. Bogbubble and Bogglegum are hardy cannabis strains bubblegum variations.

These strains have been carefully selected for their hardiness, greater yield and high-quality of their cannabis buds. The BOG cannabis seeds are far better than the average marijuana yields with shorter flowering times as compared to regular cannabis seeds. These seeds make a good choice for personal and commercial stash growers.

Customer Service

Rely on the customer service of their partner seed banks. Most often than not, contact forms exist to answer queries and concerns.

Website Functionality

The company does not have an official website. You can visit the website of their trusted and reputable seed bank partners to order BOG seeds.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Prices, promotions, and discounts depend on the seed bank partner or retailer.

What we like about Bog Seeds

Bog Seeds offer high-quality cannabis strains under their own name.

What we don’t like about Bog Seeds

They don’t have a web presence to serve as an online resource for interested retailers and customers. It would be good to have their own website in the future even for announcement purposes only.

Our Verdict

Bog Seeds is located in Montana, offering superior quality cannabis strains. The company needs to have a website that will serve as an online resource.