Brand X Marijuana Strain Review

Brand X is a complex four-way cross of notorious parent strains, which include Northern Lights, Afghanistan #1, Hash Plant and Ostipow Indica. In fact, Brand X is also widely referred to as the Ostipow Indica itself.

Brand X Specifications at a Glance

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Type: 90% Indica – 10% Sativa
Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
Climate: cooler climate with temperatures not exceeding 24 Celsius
Yield: Average
Flavors: crisp pine bark with hints of tar and dank earth
THC Level: 25% – 28%
Height: Short (up to 30 inches)
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate to difficult

What are the Effects of Brand X?

Brand X can easily make the novice, as well as the occasional consumers, or those with low prudence to marijuana treatment feel trippy and overwhelmed. But for the experienced aficionados of the herb, this bijou is a keeper. The high kicks in with a pump of euphoria in the head which then quickly spreads to the chest. Colors may appear more vivid, on the brink of psychedelic. Soon afterward, the high will move from your happy mind to the body, causing a monotonous, distinct couch-locked state. Sleepiness and hunger are about to follow on the later onsets.

What are the Medical Benefits of Brand X?

Both pain and depression barely stand a chance once you fall into the grip of this potent strain. From migraines to spinal pains and muscle tension – Brand X will sedate every cell in your body. Nevertheless, this is an excellent choice for those who suffer from insomnia.

What are the Negative Effects you can expect from Brand X?

Marijuana patients who tend to experience paranoia or heart issues should medicate with Brand X very carefully.

However, the most common negative effect is reported to be itchiness and/or dryness in the eye zone, often combined with dryness in the mouth.

Tips for Growing Brand X

Growing Brand X marijuana plants is not recommended for the novice, just like the smoke of this intriguing strain. Even though the compact size seems to be easily manageable, it will require lots of extra care and attention to enjoy decent yields. High temperatures and high humidity levels are not well-tolerated, and neither are strong nutrients. Your Brand X green ladies need a gentle but rich organic fertilizer.