Brazil Amazonia Marijuana Strain Review

Brazil Amazonia is a pure landrace strain, which was brought to the public by the experts of World of Seeds.

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Brazil Amazonia Specifications: A Quick Peekaboo

Type: 90% Sativa – 10% Indica
Flowering Period: 8 – 10 weeks
Climate: dry and warm
Yield: Above the average
Flavors: a musky mix of bittersweet ripe berries, with spicy, herbal undertones and hints of dank earth
THC Level: up to 19%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Effects of Brazil Amazonia?

Brazil Amazonia is the type of Sativa princess which combines a nice, mellow relaxation with a quick boost in the mood, leaving no place for intrusive thoughts and tension.

It energizes and uplifts without kicking so hard as to make you feel out of ease. While you will be able to focus, you will still experience a pleasant chilled-out unwind.

What are the Medical Benefits of Brazil Amazonia?

Due to its euphoric, happy-mood-boosting properties, Brazil Amazonia is one of the top recommendations for patients, who want to crush down stress.

Nevertheless, it can work equally when it comes to treating depression.

Interestingly, this strain is also a very helpful remedy for reducing eye pressure, headaches, as well as treating inflammation, being high in CBD.

What are the Negative Effects you can expect from Brazil Amazonia?

One of the best qualities of this pure landrace beauty is that negative effects which follow up after consumption are very limited.

In most cases, dry mouth is the only adverse reaction reported by users.

Tips for Growing Brazil Amazonia

Brazil Amazonia cannabis plants are treasures to have in your garden. Apart from being able to enjoy the exotic attitude of this landrace gemstone, this strain grows vigorously.

The large, heavy buds are less likely to be susceptible to mold, as the strain is naturally adapted to high levels of humidity.

However, you may want to consider some extra support for the multiple lateral branches, as to help the plants nurture the dense nuggets.

Pruning is a wonderful option in order to enjoy maximized yields but is not obligatory. Brazil Amazonia is also highly resistant to fungal diseases, which is a great plus.