Bubba’s Gift Marijuana Strain Review

Bubble’s Gift is a one-of-a-kind strain which was brought to the public thanks to the experts of Humboldt Seed Organization. This strain is crossbred by combining God’s Gift and Bubba Kush.

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Bubba’s Gift Specifications at a Glance

Type: 80% Indica – 20% Sativa
Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: Medium; 1 – 3 oz. per square foot
Flavors: a fusion of fruity, earthy, grape-like notes with hints of creamy cheese and melted butter
THC Level: 17 – 20%
Height: Medium; 30 – 78 inches
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Bubba’s Gift?

Bubba’s Gift is one of those strains which are able to surprise you with the intriguing combination of mental alertness together with a deeply relaxed body sensation.

The high starts with a euphoric cerebral buzz which offers a wonderful boost of energy.

Setting your positive mood right away, you will enjoy getting along even with the most mundane tasks.

After the waves of stimulation and motivation, a laid-back, totally unwinding state of a pure bliss sets in, gradually preparing you to enter Dreamland.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bubba’s Gift?

Bubba’s Gift can help you overcome stress easily but can also be a fantastic option for erasing fatigue.

However, the action of this strain on treating depression is more potent than when it comes to fatigue.

In higher dosages, Bubba’s Gift can be used to alleviate mild pains, as well as insomnia.

What are the Negative Effects you can expect from Bubba’s Gift?

Bubba’s Gift deserves its name for many reasons but one of these is surely the fact that this gift from Mother Nature has only limited negative effects.

These include dryness in the eyes and the mouth. In order to avoid discomforts, simply stay well hydrated and keep your eye drops handy.

Tips for Growing Bubba’s Gift

Bubba’s Gift cannabis plants are a pleasure to grow. You can cultivate these both outdoors and indoors.

However, greenhouse operations are best suited for this strain.

The compact size of this marijuana variety is bliss to take care of, and the broad leaves are extremely helpful when it comes to granting generous access to sunlight as to nurture the hungry buds.

Don’t overfeed your Bubba’s Gift, green ladies, though. They don’t tolerate well a heavy dosage of nutrients.