Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain Review

Bubble Gum is one of those all-time-favorite, cult-classics, which still remain extremely popular on the modern stage of cannabis, for it is hard to forget the exquisite flavors and the no less fascinating effects of this strain.

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Bubble Gum Specifications in a Nutshell

Type: 50% Indica – 50% Sativa
Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
Climate: warm and dry
Yield: High; 3 – 6 oz. per square foot
Flavors: a fusion of creamy, earthy sweetness, with hints of cotton candy, fruits, and floral undertones
THC Level: 13% – 19%
Height: Medium; 30 – 78 inches
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Bubble Gum?

The high with Bubble Gum is no less yummy than the very sound of its name. This strain has gained the reputation for one of the happiest varieties out there, bringing a wide smile to your face in no time. Meanwhile, your entire being sinks into a state of deep and long-dreamed relaxation. Euphoria and creativeness linger in your head, expanding your productivity. With a strong boost of positive vibes, this bud leaves no place for pressure in the body and the mind.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum?

Bubble Gum is one of the top recommendations for patients who want to crush down stress and depression. This strain is also an excellent option for treating pains, located all in just about any part of the body. Furthermore, this bud can be a good treatment for muscle spasms but not the strongest one among other varieties. Bubble Gum is also a well-known inflammation warrior with a moderate grip on that note.

What are the Negative Effects you can expect from Bubble Gum?

However praised and loved, Bubble Gum is not deprived of some negative effects, including the well-known cottonmouth. Dryness in the eye zone is also common. Mind that you may feel dizzy, paranoid, or suffer from a temporary headache, so medicate responsibly.

Tips for Growing Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum cannabis plants are not the most pretentious green ladies out there. They can thrive both outdoors and indoors but greenhouse operations are not recommended. If you are a beginner, you’d better opt for indoor setups, as this strain is very susceptible to rot and molds.