California Orange Bud Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy California Orange Bud Seeds

California Orange Bud or affectionately called the ‘Cali Orange’ is considered to be part of the Nirvana seeds. This is highly favored by many growers owing to its friendly features as it cloned and grown easier in different climate conditions. The strain is a combination of Sativa and Indica. When grown using its preferred conditions, this can provide marijuana growers with a great harvest of the best quality. When harvested, the cannabis will appear to be covered with orange-colored and pink hairs. Growers will also notice that plant will come with that pungent and sweet odor that will remind you of a visit to a candy store. Even if the weed is still at its packaging bad, the smell that wafts into the air will be distinctive and will give you inspirations of citrus fruit. This strain of the plant is best for all types of growers, from experts to the novice wanting to start with cannabis cultivation.

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Where to buy California Orange Bud cannabis seeds?

It is safe to order California Orange Bud from legitimate marijuana seedbanks. They offer discrete shipping to their customers from anywhere around the world. It is highly recommended to check your local laws before buying California Orange Bud seeds or any other cannabis seeds which are for sale on the internet.

California Orange Bud Specification

Flowering Period: 9-12 weeks
Type: Indica-Sativa mix
Harvest: 9/10
Climate: Can grow in almost any climate, pref. sunny: Extreme high
Yield : 500 / 600 (g/m²)
THC level: 8-15 percent Medium
Height: Medium Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of California Orange Bud

1. It is a powerful marijuana strain that is introduced in Holland and originated from California.

2. The California Orange Bud shows excellence not only interns of flavor but also in performance brought about by its high THC level.

3. It has an extra sweet flavor with a citrus orange aroma.

4. This pot strain offers both abundant harvests that are about 500 to 600 g/m2 and quality buds that are sticky and compact.

5. It is an easy to grow pot variety that can go well indoors and in a greenhouse. The California Orange Bud is perfect for experts, experienced and new growers as well.

Growing California Orange Bud Tips

The California Orange Bud can produce large yield but since it is not a sturdy type of cannabis, it is best to grow it in a greenhouse or in an indoor garden where the plants are protected against the harm caused by the environment.