Can Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers Use Marijuana?

Marijuana has been legal in many countries because of the fact that it can do more good than bad in the general population, while some countries still ban the use of it. Some people who need its therapeutic effects already have an option right now to get their weed the safest way because of its availability in other countries. Marijuana has a high tendency of substance dependence, this is because of its psychoactive effect to the user, but when it comes to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, it has been a common notion that the use of it should be strictly prohibited because of the following reasons:

– Children may experience the side effects such as short term memory loss.
– Problems in concentration and judgments
– Higher risk of Leukemia (according to studies)
– Increased chances of birth defects

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What Research Says

According to research, women who are engaging in substance abuse more likely choose marijuana over other substances because of its almost un-noticeable effects in children when they are breastfeeding or pregnant. Cannabis is a delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that produces a psychoactive effect or a different ‘high’ for women. Smoking and ingestion of the said substance expose the person to THC that can produce a ‘high’.

Cannabis use during pregnancy was studied in the year 1960s, like all studies that were made, there are several weak points that have been questioned. The result of the study shows that there is no relation between marijuana smoking and birth defects. Even in one large study of more than 12 thousand interviews done after they have given birth proved that they did not find a statistical association between the use of the weed and the relationship and presence of birth defects.

Still Not Risk-Free

Just like any effects of any organic drug to your system, there is still no guarantee that the weed is risk-free. There are studies that say that the use of cannabis may actually be associated with growth restrictions and lower birth weight most especially for women who keep smoking all through delivery and late in the pregnancy as well.

If you have already smoked pot before you even realized that you are already pregnant, never panic, the chances that the baby will be affected is very small to nothing. Still, it would be the best option if you would be honest with your doctor with the activities that you have been doing, so she can make necessary early intervention for it.

Medical Marijuana in Pregnancy

Some mothers living where the weed is legal to choose to smoke or still include the use of the weed in their diets and smoking activities to treat their anxiety, nausea and other intra pregnancy symptoms that keep them from being comfortable and stress-free during their pregnancy. But there are actual results that say that some of the born babies are premature and would need extra care.