Can you Grow Marijuana in the Woods?

Normally, marijuana should be grown in an area where you can check it all the time and unlikely people might actually stumble upon. Growing it in areas like the woods would be fine, but there should be things that should be considered very well. There are certain conditions that should be taken seriously if you want to harvest the best weed in the flock.

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Marijuana loves sunlight so typically, you should be placing it in an area where it can grow with at least 3 hours of direct sunlight. It will typically grow better and faster if it has around 5 hours of sunlight. If the light is low or minimal, it will be malnourished and won’t yield out well. There is also a better response with morning sunlight rather than afternoon sunlight, so make sure that you are growing the seed in an area where there is abundant morning sunlight.


Here is one thing that you should always remember, never plant the marijuana seeds directly in the soil, germinate it first at home then replant the seedlings in the woods or outdoors. The soil pH that is suitable for the weed is about 6.5. The soil should be compact when you try to squeeze it and should be able to break away when poked. You can add sand or some vermiculite to soils that drain very poorly. If you are growing it in the woods, check for the soil’s pH and how it can perform as well.


This is very intricate. The soil should not be too wet, as the roots will drown and will not root out properly and might die. It would be preferred if the soil is dry enough and you just have to moisten the soil from time to time, if it’s in the woods, check for water level and how the soil holds in water. If there is a nearby source of clean water in the woods, that is actually much better. If you would have to bring in water, it is best done at night.


If you are growing the weed in the woods, watch out for wild animals that live to eat young marijuana for food. Some places human hair and blood, hair from predator animals such as bears and foxes and wolves will also work well. You can also put drinking waters on top of baby marijuana plants to protect it. It will also act as humidity keeper keeping young weeds moist and watered well.

Watch the Stages Well

Always remember to make sure that the plants are getting through every stage of growth properly, and pests are not taking advantage of the plants because of the open space. The woods will protect the plant from unwavering people that might bump into it, but the factor above should be considered very well in order to get the best yield of the plants. Also consider the type of marijuana that you are trying to grow, because there are certain types that require specific conditions that should be followed.