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Critical Hog Marijuana Strain Review

Critical Hog was created by T.H Seeds by crossbreeding the notoriously heavy yielder Critical Mass with the Cannabis Cup winner – Hog. As a result, Critical Hog is a highly productive, ultimately relaxing bijou with an Indica attitude. Critical Hog Specifications: A Quick Overview Type: 50% Sativa – 50% Indica Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks Climate: […]

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Cookies and Cream Marijuana Strain Review

Cookies and Cream are known for their great uplifting properties and classic flavor. This strain is one of the most popular and most delicious strain available today. Cookies and Cream is a cross between an undisclosed phenotype known for its incredible mental high and the Girl Scout Cookies. The combination of these two strains has […]

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Cherry Slyder Marijuana Strain Review

Cherry Slyder is the child of two notorious parents, namely Afghani and Northern Lights #4. The result is a well-balanced hybrid which is relaxing without being overwhelming. Cherry Slyder Specifications Quick Sheet Type: 50% Indica – 50% Sativa hybrid Flowering Period: 60 days Climate: warm, humid, sunny Yield: Medium Flavors: fruity, cherry undertones, combined with […]

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Deep Sleep Strain Review

The Deep Sleep strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that blooms at around 48-45 days when grown indoor and during the late October when grown outdoors. It is happiest at temperate to warm outdoor climate. Under such climate, the Deep Sleep strain can yield resins for up to 17 ounces indoor and 22 ounces outdoor. All-in-all, […]

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Don Shula Marijuana Strain Review

Don Shula is an award-winning strain with roots tracing back to The White and Diagonal (a cross between True OG and Coast Sour Diesel). This strain grabbed the 3rd spot for Best Hybrid Flower during the Colorado Cannabis Cup back in 2016. Don Shula Specifications Type: It is a 70% indica and 30% sativa strain. […]

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Ray Charles Marijuana Strain Review

The Ray Charles cannabis strain is a pure Indica hybrid made from crossing the famous Romulan and Afghani Bullrider strains. Its name comes from the famous singer and it offers highs great for nighttime smokes. This bud presents both recreational and medicinal properties, but many marijuana smokers are attracted to the latter traits. It can […]

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OG Strawberry Marijuana Strain Review

OG Strawberry or also known as Strawberry OG or Strawberry Kush is a very popular strain when it comes to recreation and medical use. It is bred through crossing two popular strains which are OG Kush and Island Strawberry Afghani. OG Strawberry Specifications Type: It is an 85% indica and 15% sativa strain. Indoors: It […]

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Lions Gate Marijuana Strain Review

Lions Gate is a pure indica strain that comes from unknown origins. It is a moderately potent hybrid that is perfect for both medical and recreational purposes. This strain has dense deep green buds that are scattered with fiery orange hairs. It is also heavily coated with frosty white trichomes and sticky sweet resin. It […]

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303 OG Strain Review

One thing that makes the 303 OG strain so unique is its coffee-like flavor and aroma, combined with a tinge of spice. Originally nurtured in a Colorado environment, the 303 OG proudly banners its genetic source from two remarkable strains- Chemdawg and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. These two origins also have vast genetics to boast off, […]

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