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10 Things that you Should Not Do when Growing Marijuana

Throughout history, it has been observed that beginners, regardless of the project they are working on, are known to mess up. This is because, in every activity, there is a so-called ‘learning curve’. Growing marijuana is one of them. Growers who have already been growing marijuana for decades are expected to be better compared to […]

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Our Top 5 Pick of the Best Growing Marijuana Books

Are you interested in knowing how to successfully grow weed in an indoor environment? One way is to learn as much knowledge as possible. While there are some other sources of such information, one of the best sources of information are books. Here are the 5 best books on growing marijuana based on our personal […]

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How to Pass a Drug Test If You Smoke Marijuana

So you’ve smoked weed but you have to pass a drug test. What’s worse is that if it’s for work and you live in Wyoming, where being caught under cannabis influence entails 90 days of imprisonment and $100 fine. Or you could live in Alabama, where you can face even harsher punishments and longer jail […]

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4 Ways to Consume Marijuana

There are 4 ways on how you can consume marijuana nowadays but there might be more ways to come in the future which aren’t invented yet. 🙂 Inhalation Smoking is the most popular form of consuming marijuana. Different people from different places are very familiar with using this top inhalation method of marijuana consumption. Smoking […]

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CBD, THC, CBG and other Marijuana Components Explained

A lot of people are into taking marijuana, particularly for various reasons. Mainly, the reason why cannabis is considered popular is that of the potency content of the plant. Now, there has been a lot of researches that are being made as to the primary component of the cannabis and it has been found out that […]

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Why Not Grow Weed from Clones and Cuttings?

Growing marijuana plants has a lot of benefits. First off, growing plants is a therapeutic activity.  You can read about that in NY Times. Nurturing your own marijuana plants can also make you ditch the dealer which means more savings to your part. It takes your care and patients and casual interest in your grow […]

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