The Advantages of Cloning Marijuana Plant

Growing marijuana can be started from pot seeds or from cuttings. Growing cannabis starting from seeds will require germination and a few days to weeks of waiting before the plants will finally sprout while growing weed from clones will let you save money and time. Taking marijuana cuttings and growing them saves time and money […]

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Marijuana Equipments Needed Before Pot Cloning is Started

People who are smoking as well as growing cannabis would love to start their project from clones instead of seeds. It is because, in cloning, the process of germinating the pot seeds is omitted. Since you start growing marijuana from cuttings, you will have the advantage of an early harvest. Not only you will enjoy […]

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How to Clone Marijuana Plants

Marijuana enthusiasts who are into pot growing and want to make a duplicate of the current strain grown would want to do the process of cloning. To clone in marijuana growing means to get the exact replica of the mother plant. Cloning gives growers several advantages and to harvest the buds soon is one. You […]

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Some Useful Marijuana Cloning Tips

Cloning marijuana plants would save you time and money. Aside from that, learning how to clone your cannabis plants would make you preserve your favorite marijuana strain. Knowing the advantages, you might want to consider growing weed plants starting from clones instead of cultivating from marijuana seeds. If you want to save time in growing […]

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