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Pro Tips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors comes with several advantages, with the power of the sun as the primary power. Aside from the fact that sunlight is free, it is also the best source of light that can be given to the plants. Keep in mind that all plants, marijuana included, have already evolved for thousands, even millions […]

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How to Avoid These New Marijuana Growers’ Mistakes

Finally! You have decided to grow marijuana on your own! As a newbie in this field, the excitement and anticipation of your first cultivation project can oftentimes lead to committing simple mistakes. After all, beginners’ luck can just be a touch of “luck”. However, rather than depending on this luck, you can actually become a […]

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Light Spacing Tips in an Indoor Marijuana Grow

Growing marijuana is just like growing any other crop. It is necessary that all that it needs for its growth must be provided carefully so that its growth will not be hindered. Light is one of the essential things that must be considered for it can greatly affect your crops. Planting it indoor and outdoor […]

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How to Use Natural Sunlight in Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is possible provided you know how to do it. Sunlight is essential in growing cannabis. The more light it gets, the more it has energy to grow and become ripen. Putting your plants in movable pots so you can easily transfer it from one place to another where sunlight is available is […]

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How to Grow Outdoor Marijuana Strains Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is getting popular among marijuana growers from all over the world. They find it better than outdoor growing because of the results that they can get from the strains in just a limited time. Close supervision is also possible with indoor growing. Growing marijuana had become common in different parts of the […]

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How Much Light is Too Much in your Marijuana

Light is an essential factor in growing plants, without its presence plants will just wither and die. In the process called photosynthesis which takes place primarily in, light is converted into chemical energy. The energy converted is used so that carbohydrates such as sugars are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water. This process is taken […]

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How Far Away is Marijuana Odor Detectable

Growing marijuana can be done both outdoors and indoors depending on the strain. Legalities concerning its growth must be considered. Keeping them away from the prying eye of neighbors and authorities is of importance. Growing them inconspicuously should be thought of not setting aside the quality of the yield. Knowing if there is marijuana in […]

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Growing Marijuana Tips – How to Get More Harvest?

Growers want bigger yields for less time, money, and effort. Producing powerful, tasting, and fragrant homegrown buds are the goal that would result to harvest the best strain. If you want to have good marijuana yields, here are the easiest ways to raise your cannabis at the perfect time. Ways how to successfully grow your […]

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