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Grow Marijuana Outdoors |Cannabis Outdoor Growing Guide and Tips

Unlike the indoor marijuana growing, outdoor growing is cheaper and easier because it doesn’t need your full effort. You just plant your marijuana in the right place with enough light, high quality soil, etc then you would probably have a good harvest. However, there are some disadvantages of growing cannabis outdoors. Space, animals, mites, insects, diseases, and weather – are just some of the many adversaries that can ruin your marijuana plants. To learn how to avoid those problems and to learn some techniques in growing outdoors, take your time and browse our outdoor growing tips and tricks.

Pro Tips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors comes with several advantages, with the power of the sun as the primary power. Aside from the fact that sunlight is free, it is also the best source of light that can be given to the plants. Keep in mind that all plants, marijuana included, have already evolved for thousands, even millions […]

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Can you Grow Marijuana in the Woods?

Normally, marijuana should be grown in an area where you can check it all the time and unlikely people might actually stumble upon. Growing it in areas like the woods would be fine, but there should be things that should be considered very well. There are certain conditions that should be taken seriously if you […]

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22 Tips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If you have a wide open space in the backyard, utilize it for marijuana planting instead of spending a lot of money renovating one of your house’s rooms for indoor growing. Indoor gardening will only give you large monthly electric bills and expensive equipment purchases. By using free space in the yard, all your money […]

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How to Grow Weed from Clones Versus Growing from Seeds

While everything else starts from seeds, cannabis may be one of those which requires one to think over before continuing with the growing process. Cannabis growers usually argue that due to the increasing demand for weeds, clones would fare better compared to growing with seeds. Let us start first on how to grow weed with […]

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Why Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Marijuana is one of the plants which are delicately grown. This has a number of species which growers can select from. Experienced weed farmers and novice growers who are just beginning to know the important details on how to grow weed are generally choose from traditional and autoflowering marijuana plants as these are the most […]

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Tips on Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Northern Climates

Frost is the biggest problem that marijuana growers living in Northern countries have. Countries like Alaska and Canada have a very cold climate. Frost can damage the growing shoots of young marijuana plants. The fall or winter frost will affect the weed plants, resulting in reduced yield during harvest time. Northern climates have a short […]

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Easy Ways on How to Transplant Marijuana Plants

Transplanting is the process of moving the plants from one pot or container to another to allow proper growth of roots. It is a serious step in growing pot because when transplanting is not properly done, the leaves and the entire plant may be stressed and may not be able to recover and will eventually […]

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Top Outdoor Marijuana Strains

For outdoor marijuana growing, getting the best quality outdoor pot seeds is very important, considering the stress that plants can experience outside. There are several marijuana strains that you can choose from. There are indica, sativa and hybrid types. Marijuana seeds are also classified as indoor and outdoor seeds. In growing cannabis outdoors, pay close […]

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