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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seed banks which sell marijuana seeds offer feminized marijuana seeds as well because it is on demand by a lot of cannabis growers from around the world. Usually, feminized marijuana seeds are 2-3 times the price of the regular marijuana seeds. We have listed some of the best selling marijuana seeds in the market. We also provide the online seed banks where you can buy feminized marijuana seeds from.

AK 47 XTRM Feminized Growing Tips and Review

The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have been relentlessly searching for so many years for the ultimate AK 47 strain. Because of the high demand for the best version of the AK 47 strain, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ very own Master Breeder, Relaximo gave in to the challenge and produced probably the world’s best adaptation of the original […]

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Blueberry 420 Auto-Feminized Strain Review and Growing

Blueberry 420 is both auto-flowering and is feminized with high influences of the traditional berry genetics. Blueberry 420 auto-feminized seeds grow into a delectable sugary blend which produces a high yield of harvest by the end of the flowering period. It presents blue and violet highlights of beautiful buds that carry with it a fruity […]

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AK 47 XTRM Autoflowering Feminized Strain Review

The AK 47 XTRM auto-feminized strain is considered to be one of the newest and yet most potent strains in the world. This particular strain has all the characteristics passed down from its ancestors which are the original AK 47 and the White Widow XTRM. This strain is well known for its potency, soft taste, […]

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Borderline XTRM Feminized Cannabis Review and Growing Tips

Borderline XTRM Feminized is a type of an Indica or Sativa cannabis strain that is originated from Brazil. In searching for finest marijuana strains, Daan Brinkers carried an expedition in a deep Brazilian forest which took him 20 years before he could able to meet a certain tribe who has guardianship of the strain. Daan […]

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Chronic Auto Feminized Marijuana Review and Growing Tips

Vastly improved over the years, Chronic Feminized has been flourished for medicinal purposes. Its genetics came from the cross of Skunk x Northern Lights and AK47 and the Northern Lights again. It also has included in the new Chronic after an extensive testing in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Chronic Feminized has been the best choices for […]

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Aussie Blues Feminized Growing Tips and Review

Aussie Blues is a blue haze cross-breed. It is a mixture of Australian Duck, Azura, and Light of Jah. And because of its multiple lineages, the strain has received several awards. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a moderate to high THC level and produces lots of yields. Though this strain is easy to […]

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Amnesia Trance Auto-Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Amnesia Haze is a cross-breed between Cambodian and Super Silver Haze. And because of this powerful combination, it received an award in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. Though the strain is already at its best qualities, the creator of this strain still wanted to improve it. After three years of hard work, the […]

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Bianca Feminized Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

Bianca feminized is an Indica dominant strain is a product of three powerful strains; White Widow which was awarded multiple times at the Cannabis Cup, the Afghani strain which is a very strong and hard cannabis often used in mountainous conditions, and the White Queen strain also known as the Empress among the white cannabis. […]

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Cheese Auto-Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

A hybrid of strains that resulted from years of breeding Master Kush with the latest strains of autoflowering Super Skunk comes Cheese Auto Feminized. As expected of an autoflowering, it goes through flowering stage at a faster rate, making it another ideal choice for those who are looking to cultivate a strain that is easy […]

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