Celtic Stone Seeds

Founded by an anonymous named Deadvet, this company does not have a website or its still unknown if the company still working on producing cannabis seeds. Likewise, a former user tells that the company is on the rocks and is no longer been on the business for a while. However, their cannabis seed strains have still been existing and have been continuously bred by a lot of cannabis enthusiasts. Among seed strains that they’re known of includes Celtic Berry, Big Stone, Celtic Cross, Double Stone, and Celtic Stone.

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Best Features of Celtic Stone Seeds

Shipping Information

There’s no information regarding shipping. Perhaps, the company is only particularly doing discreet operations since there are currently strict laws regarding cannabis cultivation. However, a particular cannabis thread based in Australia region back in 2012 tells us that the company could be based from that area. Thus, if you are from Australia, then you might have gotten a chance of meeting DeadVet without already knowing.

Seed Selections

The company has been known for their very strong and potent cannabis seed varieties. Though it’s still not known if the company is operating, their seed strains have kept on spreading like fire across different cannabis companies and breeders. Among seed strains that they are most known for includes Celtic Berry, Big Stone, Celtic Cross, Double Stone, and Celtic Stone. The last strain that the company has worked on is Black Death.

Customer Service

Before their sudden disappearance, the company has said to be the best of its service. A lot of cannabis users have been finding the company for orders on their strains. Nevertheless, a particular user has contacted the founder and said that the company will no longer be available brought by some issues. Though, its still unknown at this moment of time with their existence.

Website Functionality

Unfortunately, the company has no website. Either way, it’s not also sure if the company is still in the cannabis business. Perhaps, the only thing that we know is that the company’s presence is only existing through its seed varieties that are scattered around the globe.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Also, there’s no information as to this matter. It is assumed that the company allows personal dealings and transactions.

What We Like About Celtic Stone Seeds

Potency and Quality of Strains

What We Don’t Like About Celtic Stone Seeds

Limited Information About the Company

Our Verdict

It’s disappointing to know that the company is not going well and had some issues. However, that was way back in 2012 and it’s still unknown if the founder has reorganized another company under a different name or if the company is limiting their transactions and become more discreet in relation to the strict cannabis laws.