Ceres Seeds Review

Its name originating from the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, rain, and crops named Ceres, the company has been on the cannabis service ever since the 1980s. During this periods, the founders of the company have been starting studying different cannabis varieties and consequently, making seed strains as related to it. Within a small amount of time, the company is known to be collaborating with reputable cannabis seed companies such as Sensi Seed Bank and Dreadlock Coffee Shop. The first ever strain known that the company has produced was the White Panther. Based in Amsterdam, the company is a Cannabis Cup Winner and has been producing different strains including originally from landraces in Thailand, Jamaica, and Colombia.

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Best Features of Ceres Seeds

Shipping Information

The company is only a breeder and only negotiates on cannabis seed banks in order to sell the seed varieties they have. Nevertheless, notable seed banks that you could contact includes Sensible Seeds, Ali Bongo, Attitude Seed Bank, Dr. Chronic, Herbie’s Head Shop, Weed World, and hipersemillas. Also, if your living or visiting Amsterdam, you could purchase directly seeds into their main headquarters located in NieuwezijdsVoorburgwal 801012 HG Amsterdam.

Seed Selections

The company has already been bred a lot of cannabis varieties. As said, it has already won multiple Cannabis Cups for the past years. Nonetheless, they produced regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds from different strains which include Amsterdam Skunk, Ceres Kush, Fruity Thai, Ceres Skunk, Trans-Love Energies, and the White Panther.

Customer Service

With regards to their service, there are currently few documentation knowing that the company does not directly interact with its customers. However, the company has been in the cannabis business for almost three decades and thus, this could be a direct proof that the company is entirely reliable as needed.

Website Functionality

The company has its existing website for which you could easily visit anytime. The website is currently available for translation in four languages consequently French, Spanish, German, and English.

Pricing and Payment Methods

As for pricing, the company does not put any prices on their cannabis breeds. However, you could look into these cannabis varieties into the seed banks that Ceres Seeds has been collaborating with. The same thing goes for payment methods. For more information on this, you could contact their company through their social media pages or visit their headquarters.

What We Like About Ceres Seeds

Seed Variety

Existing Website

Longevity on the Business

Available Contact Information

What We Don’t Like About Ceres Seeds

Does not Sell Seeds Directly

Our Verdict

It’s not easy to be on cannabis service for more than three decades. For sure, there are ups and downs that the company has been experiencing through these years. Nonetheless, as of now, the company does not allow direct transactions to its customers and only sold its seed varieties to various seed banks. Thus, the company allows the wholesale purchase of cannabis seeds. If you’re interested in buying, then better go directly to the seed banks they’ve been working with.