CH9 Female Seeds Review

Started its roots in California by 1985, the company has officially operated in Spain at 2004. Founded by a man named Peter, the company distributes through seed banks or sells directly to any user. It sells a variety of strains predominantly CBD strains for which is targeted to the medical cannabis market. Most of their strains are heavily influenced by Californian based strains. These strains are known to be high quality, had already been tested through stress, and does not result to hermaphroditism. Examples of their strains include  Aroma, CH9 seeds Jack 33, Hash Girl, Super Haze Green Bud, Vintage 2006, Tangerine and Hashplan.

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Ships FromCanadaCanadaUnited KingdomNetherlands
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Best Features of CH9 Female Seeds

Shipping Information

The company delivers seeds across Europe, USA, and other countries all throughout the world via airmail. As a starting fee, one should pay an additional 6 euros for shipping. Nonetheless, this is only the basic payment and could vary depending on the difficulty of travel with the cannabis seeds.

Seed Selections

Currently, the company only sells CBD rich or medical cannabis seeds. In particular, varieties include Toxic Blue 33, Blue Lemon Thai, Pow 33, Critical Mass 33, and among others could be purchased on the company’s website.

Customer Service

The company is quite reputable. It has been in the cannabis business for almost 20 years selling and distributing cannabis seeds to a lot of its customers. Aside from that, it has an existing website with all the necessary information you wanted to know including their contacts and about the company itself. However, as needed, there’s only a single review from its customer to a website telling that the company has delivered a bad seed to him.

Website Functionality

The company has an existing website that you could look at any time you wanted to do. The website is easily translated and available in various languages for which you understand with.

Pricing and Payment Methods

The company only accepts payments either bank transfer or direct cash transactions. You could just fill out the billing info and its details within the website. For discounts, you could purchase in bulk amounts (50 or 100 seeds) to be wrapped using a ziplock bag upon receiving the purchase.

What We Like About CH9 Female Seeds

Existing Website

Deliver Seeds Worldwide

Variety of Seeds

What We Don’t Like About CH9 Female Seeds

Limited to only CBD rich seeds

Few Reviews as to its Services

Our Verdict

Considerably, a single opinion does not quite matter much as to describe the reliability of this company. Nonetheless, the CH9 Female Seeds has been in the service for more than a decade for which is amazing for a cannabis seed company. Aside from that, it has a website with all the information necessary. Who knows, the review could be just one of few bad seeds delivered by the company.