Characteristics of an Ideal Soil in Growing Marijuana

Choosing the best soil for germination and seedlings is the most crucial and the easiest part to get wrong when it comes to growing marijuana. This article will give the basic elements that soil must have if you want to grow bountiful cannabis.

But first of all, you need to know the types of soil that is good for cannabis planting. The ideal soils for this plant are the Rockwool, coco fiber, and soilless mediums. They have the right elements that the marijuana seedlings need. But as the plant grows, it needs to get more nutrients to give you the THC level that you need. You need to transfer the strain into another soil that will give it the right amount of nutrients that it needs.

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Best soil to use for growing marijuana

Now that you know the things that you should do to have a bountiful strain, it’s time for you to know the basic elements that soil should have for planting weed.


The ideal pH level for planting cannabis strain is between 5.5 and 6.5 pH values. If the soil lacks or exceeds that level, it would be hard for the herb to get the nutrients that it needs. So before you plant the herb into the soil, you need to ensure that it has the right pH balance. Otherwise, the strain will die.


Just like any other living species, pot strains also need nutrients in order to live. If the strain receives the right amount of nutrients, it will give you bountiful yield once the harvesting time comes.

When choosing the right soil, you need to look for a potting soil that says “lightweight” or “light formula.” seedlings are quite sensitive. They also have stored energy that will enable them to sprout. So using a high nutrient soil or throwing the seed on the ground would only affect the seeds grow.


The final component that the strain needs are water. But if you give the strain with too much water or if the water is stagnant, the plant will drown and will eventually die. So when you plant the marijuana in potting soil, you need to make sure that the drainage is light and loose so that the excess water will be removed from the can and the air will be able to pass through.

Other Things You Need to Remember

Apart from the things that were mentioned, there are still other things that you must do. For instance, when choosing a planting soil for your hemp seedlings, never use the garden soil whether you will plant it indoors or outdoors as it doesn’t have the nutrients that the seedling needs.

You shouldn’t also use potting soils that have time-release fertilizers, guano, non-composted materials, and sulfur or mold. Since these materials are artificial, it will greatly affect the seedling. Hence, the seeds will not grow as tall or as bountiful as it should be.