Cheese Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Cheese Feminized Seeds

The mysterious origins of the cheese feminized cannabis had allured many marijuana enthusiasts. Besides the strong potent it releases, it also gives out a tinge of cheesy scent that can stimulate our sensations even more as we smoke the weed. For more than 15 years, people weren’t allowed to avail the seeds to keep its formula in complete secrecy. Now, it is openly available for all. The cheese feminized has a THC level of 15% to 20%. For veteran growers, that is a pretty strong level. Its flowering period can take for more than 8 to 10 weeks. But this long time span is replaced with a dense bud, which is perfect for making a sea of green (SOG) system. The bud’s flavor is quite strong in nature, allowing its users to fully enjoy and savor each moment is intakes the smoke. Long-lasting and fragrant, you will definitely feel a pleasant euphoria building within you.

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Where to buy Cheese Feminized cannabis seeds?

You can order Cheese Feminized marijuana seeds from an online seedbank. The online marijuana seedbank will ship your order of cheese feminized seeds to your address discretely that even the mailman won’t know what you just ordered. The shipping times may vary depending on where you are located at. You may receive free seeds of mixed marijuana strains with your order.

Cheese Feminized Specification

Type: indica/sativa [mix] crossbreed
Flowering period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: indoor/outdoor
Yield: up to 24.5 ounces / 700 grams m2
Stone: strong clear yet stoney high
THC level: strong 15% to 20%
Height: up to 31.5 inches / 80 cm
Grow Difficulty: easy to moderate

Special Features of Cheese Feminized

  • Cheese Feminized strain is a bushy plant that originated and cultivated in the UK and was made popular because of its cheese flavor.

  • It features a compact calyx structure, hard and good quality buds with a strong taste and a few skunk undertones. The budding time of Cheese Feminized is 8 to 10 weeks with buds having a THC level of 10% to 14%.

  • This strain is known for the kind of high it gives. It has good medicinal properties which make it best for relieving pain and for easing anxiety attacks.

  • It can be grown indoors and outdoors with a high yield of about 700 grams per plant.

Growing Cheese Feminized

Growing Cheese feminized seeds need some experience although it can also be successfully grown by novice growers. You can grow it in soil with neutral pH and constantly check the pH of the soil medium to ensure proper and fast growth.