Chef Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Chef Kush is one of those strains which you will be able to recognize among many others once you have experienced the unique and strong effects.

With a mysterious lineage, Chef Kush is the fruit of the efforts of the Wolf Genetics experts.

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Quick Check: Chef Kush Specifications

Type: Indica
Flowering Period: 45 – 53 days
Climate: doesn’t tolerate well tropical or subtropical climate, as well as high humidity
Yield: High ( 3 – 6 oz. /sq. ft.)
Flavors: a unique blend of funky and skunky sweet blueberries infused with the typical Kush aroma and woody undertones lingering on the palate
THC Level: High
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Chef Kush?

Chef Kush announces itself from the very mention of its name.

As what you can expect from the Chef of Kush varieties, this Indica beauty gets a hold on your entire body and mind, sending you on a journey galaxies away from Earth.

While the high melts all over your body and banishes the intrusive thoughts in your head, you will sink into a very relaxing, comfortable and re-charging state of pure bliss.

Before sleepiness wins over, you will feel talkative, creative, and giggly.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chef Kush?

Stress doesn’t stand a chance with Chef Kush but this strain is also an excellent choice for treating depression.

A top recommendation for helping you ease pains and aches efficiently, quickly, and lasting, make sure your favorite treats are somewhere handy.

Chef Kush will erase all traces of lack of appetite.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Chef Kush?

The most common side effects, such as dry mouth and red eyes are not an exception with Chef Kush.

Dizziness is less likely to occur but still probable especially among newbie users or those who have a low tolerance to the strong effects of Indica varieties.

Tips for Growing Chef Kush

Kush varieties are native to regions of the world, where these amazing creatures have learned to adapt regardless of the harsh climate.

Chef Kush beauties will be sturdy and strong but you need to be mindful with the nutrient schedule and not overdo their feeding regimen.