Chem Jack Marijuana Strain Review

What less but a masterpiece for cannabis connoisseurs could come true by combining the genetics of the notorious Jack Herrer and Chemdawg.

Yes, both a beauty and a beast – Chem Jack.

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Chem Jack Specifications at a Glance

Type: 65% Sativa – 35% Indica
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: warm, semi- to low-humid, with long, sunny hours
Yield: High (600 grams/square meter)
Flavors: not a pungent but a delicate, flowery and earthy body with a sweet hint as you inhale and exhale
THC Level: 25 – 27%
Height: Medium (78 – 118 inches on an average)
Growing Difficulty: Moderate; not for beginner growers

What are the Effects of Chem Jack?

The high is pretty much cerebral and keeps you inspired to create, to participate, and to talk for..well, everything.

While uplifted, alert and somehow aroused by the high with Chem Jack, it also treats your tired body right making you feel light.

Due to the happy, consciousness expansive effects, you will focus with ease.

You will be able to find solutions even to complex tasks while in a playful, daydreaming, confidently laid-back good mood.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chem Jack?

With the quick and mighty boost of creative energy and uplift in the spirit, you can beat off fatigue very efficiently with Chem Jack, including chronic fatigue.

An excellent strain to treat depression, as well. Very high in anti-inflammatory properties, Chem Jack is soothing enough to alleviate muscle spasms.

Not a bad strain to help with insomnia but not the best, as well.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Chem Jack?

That is a strain which can drive newbie consumers on the brink of their ability to control the experience.

As such, it’s important to start small with Chem Jack and feel its beauty little by little.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common negative effects associated with Chem Jack.

Tips for Growing Chem Jack

Chem Jack can easily outgo your expectations in the case you play your cards well with applying your nutrients.

Chem Jack marijuana plants are hungry emerald beasts once the flowering stage begins.

They will also need some extra Nitrogen boost longer than most strains do.