Chiquita Banana Marijuana Strain Review

Chiquita Banana was developed by Utopia Farms and was the result of the marriage between the OG Kush and a Banana. This is a hybrid that offers a potent heady effect because of its high THC content. The Kush characteristics of the Chiquita Banana have made the strain so popular because it offers a moderate effect so that it can be used for chronic pain relief and nausea.

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Chiquita Banana Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid

Flowering Period: Unknown

Climate: Unknown

Yield: Unknown

Flavors: Sweet, orangey and lemon

THC Levels: 33%

Height: Moderate

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are effects of Chiquita Banana?

This hybrid strain has an energetic effect. You will feel giggly, happy and relaxed. It is a good social drug because of its uplifting effects. Overall, this can be used as a daytime drug especially when you want to want to start the day feeling energetic and creative.

What are the medical benefits of Chiquita Banana?

Chiquita Banana is useful for its stress-relieving effects. It can be used to curb depression, for its analgesic effects, to improve poor appetite and to control inflammation. It is useful for chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint pains and for anorexia as a result of chemotherapy. Chiquita Banana is also a good natural treatment for insomnia as well as headaches and migraine.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Chiquita Banana?

The most common complaint in using Chiquita Banana is dry mouth. Users complain of dry eyes too while people who are new to this strain will experience paranoia and headaches. New users will find its effects very overwhelming so caution is needed.

Tips for growing Chiquita Banana

There are only a few tips to growing Chiquita Banana and most of these tips suggest that organic supplements and plant food are the best to go. Whether you are growing your plants indoors and outdoors, watch out for pests and molds which can harm its large buds. You must monitor your plant growth and environment closely to ensure a good harvest. Harvest at the right time to get the best tasting Chiquita Banana buds with the most satisfying effects.