Citral Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Citral Seeds

The region of Hindu Kush has been known to produce several numerous strains of marijuana. One notable type is the famed Citral weed. Not only does it produce hard buds, but it has also medical properties that can give you a smoking experience like no other. Smart growers tend to cultivate this cannabis because of its high level of THC and greater yield rates. It gives out an enriching feeling by herbal means. A typical Citral can reach a height of 50 to 60 cm. At this height, indoor growth is an ideal way for this plant. It has a yielding amount of 350 to 500 g/m sq. Another advantage of cultivating this plant is that it doesn’t need complex set up, though adding a bit of TLC can boost its growth exponentially. If you are looking for a pot plant that produces quality herbal sensations, then this plant is the smarter choice for all aspiring growers.

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Where to buy Citral cannabis seeds?

You can order Citral marijuana seeds from an online seedbank which offers discrete worldwide shipping like the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company. They have been doing business for a lot of years now and they have been making a lot of weed growers happy with their high quality and high germination rate of cannabis seeds. You may also receive free seeds with your purchase.

Citral Weed Specification

Type: Mostly indica
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 425 g/m sq.
Stone or High: stoned yet high – all round
THC level: strong 15% – 20%
Height: 30 – 50 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Citral

  • It is a Pakistani variety that is crossbreed with Super Skunk. Despite its indica genes, smoking its buds will give any smoker an excellent cerebral high.

  • Due to its mostly indica features, Citral is ideally grown indoors and its ability to maintain a short stature makes it a good strain for the Sea of Green method.

  • The THC content is high, about 15% to 20%. This THC level is enough to make a smoker experience a happy high.

  • Citral produces refreshing, nice smelling buds which is one of the sweetest buds around.

  • It may not be one of the highest producing weed varieties but Citral can produce an average yield of strong and potent buds.

Growing Citral Tips

Growing Citral is quite easy to handle because of lesser demands. However, cultivating it indoors will require some skills and experience as the need for the installation of additional grow equipment is usually necessary to maintain the appropriate humidity and temperature level.