Common Indoor Cannabis Growing Diseases and How to Deal With Them

Marijuana enthusiasts who are growing cannabis plants may experience problems that may affect the growth of the plants and the amount of harvest if problems are not detected at an earlier time and corrected. Know the common diseases that may affect weed plants so you can detect the early signs and find ways how to correct them. Growing marijuana indoors will not make your plants an exception to diseases and pests even if the environment can easily be controlled including the level of humidity, temperature, and light.

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Common Diseases Affecting Indoor Cannabis Plants and Ways to Correct Them

Nutrient Deficiency

It is also called as deprivation illness. This type of disease affecting indoor marijuana plants can easily be prevented if you are feeding them the right type and amount of nutrients. The following are some of the signs that your plants are suffering from a deficiency on certain types of nutrients:

Yellowing and falling of leaves – iron deficiency

Yellowing of the lower part of the leaves, stunted growth- inadequate supply of nitrogen

Leaves turning deep green and remain small- shortage in phosphate

Mold Growth

Molds can often occur during a budding time of pot growing. It also takes place commonly indoors where humidity is not maintained at the standard level. Molds can eat up your entire growing pot garden. Once molds have already infected your weed plants, you will be having a hard time getting rid of them. Check the early signs of molds so you can easily treat your plants. If plants are affected by molds, you will notice that the tips of the leaves will begin turning from yellow to brownish color. Treat molds as soon as detected. If left untreated, molds can destroy your marijuana crops.


Whiteflies and spider mites are two of the most common pests affecting cannabis plants and your entire growing weed garden. When leaves are starting to droop and become pale, check for possible pest infestation. Remove the plants infested by pests or you may use insecticides.

Growing Marijuana Tips on How to Keep Your Weed Plants Away From Diseases and Pests

The best way to keep your plants away from diseases is to maintain a clean and dry indoor growing cannabis garden. Molds, pests and other plant diseases would love to thrive in an indoor pot garden where there is a poor growing environment. Always keep your grow area well-maintained to avoid mold growth and pest infestation. Feed your marijuana plants with basic nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Incorporate the right amount of secondary nutrients in your feeding to help promote fast and healthy weed growth.