Dealing With Spider Mites and Other Outdoor Marijuana Diseases and Pests

Weed plants grown outdoors are more exposed to the risks of getting diseases unlike those grown indoors where growing pot environment is easily controlled. In growing marijuana outdoors, carefully choose the location where you will plant marijuana. Plant them in a nutrient-rich soil with a neutral pH. Marijuana plants are at high risks of being stricken by pests if grown outside. Spider mites are one of the common pests causing harm to cannabis pants. These tiny creatures can ruin your entire outdoor growing pot garden if not detected early and cured.

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Common Pests Affecting Marijuana Plants

Pest infestation is one of the most common diseases affecting pot plants. Spider mites are arachnids and not insects that would love to feed on your marijuana plants. It is one of the worst enemies that weed growers can have. These creatures are so tiny and have almost the same size as that of poppy seeds. Other pests commonly affecting cannabis plants include whiteflies and thrips. When growing cannabis outside, be watchful not only on pests but also on other hungry animals that would feed on marijuana.

Getting Rid of Spider Mites and Other Pests

The spider mites are one of the growers’ worst enemies because once they have infested your weed plants, they are very hard to eliminate. The multiplication of these arachnids can be controlled by using its natural enemy which is the Phytoseiulus persimilis that would feed on them. Introduce the predator mites once you detect brown spots on the underside of the leaves. This is an indication that your marijuana plants are infested with spider mites. To get rid of spider mites easily and effectively, use insecticides to control propagation. Neem oil, cinnamate, and pyrethrum are the most commonly used natural pesticides to combat further multiplication of spider mites.

Diseases in Cannabis Plants

Aside from the infestation of common pests, marijuana plants can be affected by molds when they are grown outside. Pythium is a kind of mold that causes rot on the lower part of the cannabis stem. Immediately remove the part of the plant affected with molds or remove the whole plant if necessary. Nutrient deficiency is an easy to prevent marijuana disease. By just proving your weed plants with all the basic and secondary nutrients needed, you can make marijuana growing successful and that would mean cultivating healthy marijuana plants that can produce an abundant harvest.

It is hard to deal with pests and molds once they have affected your plants. To keep your marijuana plants away from pests and common plant diseases, maintain a clean and dry outdoor growing cannabis environment.

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