Different Outdoor Cannabis Grow Medium

A lot of people says that growing marijuana outdoors is easier as compared when you cultivate the weed plants in an inside garden. When growing cannabis outdoors, you can just plant the seedlings directly in the soil ground or you may opt to do it in pots for ease in transferring. In growing pot outdoors, choosing the spotted garden is very critical. Cultivating marijuana using soil in your own backyard may harm the plants with soil-borne diseases. Yes, marijuana is also commonly known as a weed because it can be grown anywhere. However, the amount of yield produced will largely depend on where and how you grow the weed plants, so choosing the right type of medium is of utmost importance.

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The soil is the commonly used grow medium if you are growing cannabis outdoors. A mix of compost and soil will make a good medium for your plants. Just make sure that soil has a neutral pH before you do the planting. Acidic soil can stunt the growth of marijuana plants and thus, it can decrease bud production during harvest time.

Good Quality Soil for Outdoor Pot Growing

Do not plant marijuana directly in the soil ground without checking its pH level. As much as possible, maintain a pH value of 6.5 for the soil medium but a pH between 6 to 7 will do. Carefully choose the site where you will plant the cannabis seedlings. A good quality soil for marijuana growing should have a good texture, neutral in pH, good drainage system and great water retention properties. To avoid soil becoming compact, you can mix it with soil conditioners like vermiculite and perlite. Vermiculite can be a great addition to the soil medium because of some nutrients it contains.

If you are growing cannabis outdoors and you decide to have them in pots, you can use a commercial potting soil that you can easily purchase from local and online stores. You may also use clay pellets or pea gravel. Sand is also used by other weed gardeners who grow marijuana in pots placed outdoors.

There are different mediums you can use for growing pot but soil is the most common choice by gardeners if marijuana cultivation is done outdoors. You can use different soil mixes which you can buy from local garden shops. If you want a soil medium rich in nutrients, try mixing peat moss, perlite, vermiculite in 4 parts of topsoil.