DJ Short Review

A renowned breeder in the cannabis industry ever since the ‘70s, this man has generated legendary strains including the Blueberry strain which has been dubbed as the most wonderful form of marijuana that could be found. It has won multiple cannabis cups most relevant is the Best Indica way back in 2010. This legend has produced a lot of cannabis strains for his almost 40 years of cannabis service not just giving high THC or maximum yields to its users. The man aims also to provide a unique sensory experience that you can’t find to any other existing cannabis strains. Consequently, DJ Short is one of the most important breeders today specializes in combining new and old world cannabis genetics.

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Best Features of DJ Short

Shipping Information

As of now, direct involvement of DJ Short’s strains are available to multiple seed banks including Zamnesia and Grow Diaries. Nevertheless, it has an exclusive website which sells only specific strains that were bred by DJ Short. The site assures delivery of their seeds discreetly to specific countries including USA, Amsterdam, and Australia. Other than that, you could contact another seed bank as mentioned above to provide your shipping details.

Seed Selection

DJ Short is known for producing unique and high quality strains grown organically with different tastes as you’ve wanted it. These strains are considered legendary, one of the best you’ll see in the market.  Nonetheless, few of its strains include Azure Haze, Blueberry, F13, Flo, Grape Kush, and Vanniluna.

Customer Service

There are no direct reviews as to the company itself. But nonetheless, almost all of its strains have great and positive reviews to its customers. It’s very exceptional, different, and definitely one of the best you’ll ever taste as quoted from a reviewer in Leafly. Though DJ short does not have any specific company or website for which he sells its seeds, its assumed that he only breeds and does not have any direct involvement with its customers.

Website Functionality

So far, DJ Short has no legit website for which he sells his seeds. Though, there is a particular website who sell only his made strains. Aside from that, you could visit any seedbank like Zamnesia. They sell DJ Short’s seeds subsequently.

Pricing and Payments

Since DJ Short doesn’t have any website or a particular store, it is assumed that the only breeds and only get involved with seed banks who purchases his seed strains. For any further details regarding this, you could contact any seed bank that carries his seeds.

What We Like About DJ Short

High-Quality Cannabis Genetics

Longevity in Service

What We Don’t Like About DJ Short

Limited Information

Our Verdict

This legend is not to say no to. DJ Short has been known to produce high-quality strains from the Blueberry to Vanniluna which a lot of cannabis enthusiasts love. Nonetheless, its just sad that he does not have any website or shop that you could visit with. However, this is quite reasonable knowing the strict cannabis laws that are implemented in a lot of countries and prefers on doing discreet operations for security and safety.