Domino Marijuana Strain Review

Domino made its name in the weed industry due to the uniqueness of its structure and the viability it gives to patients.

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Domino Specifications

Type: It is a balanced strain with a 50% sativa and 50% indica lineage.
Flowering Period: The information on its flowering cycle is not available.
Climate: The type of climate that Domino prefers is rather unknown.
Yield: even the amount of yield that it can produce is no readily available.
Aroma: There’s no information regarding the odor that this strain emits.
Taste: It has a spicy and woody flavor on it.
THC Level: It has a THC level of 12% to 15%.
Height: It is rather a short-sized plant.
Growing Difficulty: It needs some experience to be grown perfectly and with ease.

What are the Effects of Domino?

Domino is a very unique strain which gives you your most wanted high without locking you to your couch and making you feel heavy. This means that it can help you feel more active and light so that you can perform your daily duties naturally. It is a very strong strain that even smoking a quarter of it will make you feel the effects instantly causing you to not zone out.

It doesn’t make you fall out of your system or lose your concentration and senses which are prominent in other strains with high THC levels. Other than these, it can help your mind and body relax and release all worries away giving you the utmost comfort and relief.

What are the Medical Benefits of Domino?

This strain is purposely bred to battle out chronic pain, muscle spasms, appetite loss, depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It is a nighttime strain that can help you have a good night’s sleep that is free from distractions and worries.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Domino?

It may probably cause dry mouth and eyes just like any other hard-hitting strains.

Tips for Growing Domino

There’s nothing much information regarding this strain and there’s not even one information regarding how this one should be handled and cared.