Dorit Marijuana Strain Review

This strain is named after Dorit Cohen which is known to be one of the founders of a medical marijuana facility in Israel which is the Tikun Olam.

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Dorit Specifications

Type: It is a 70% indica and 30% sativa strain.
Indoors: It has a flowering cycle of about 7 to 9 weeks.
Climate: Dorit will surely love a climate that is the Mediterranean in nature.
Indoors: This strain can produce a yield of around 12 to 16 ounces per square area.
Outdoors: It can produce an amount of fewer than 12 ounces per plant.
Aroma: This strain has a scent that is very appealing to the users with a gentle and nice wave thanks to the sweet and fresh earthy feels that it gives.
Taste: The flavor that it puts to your palate is rather a complicated one with a mix of herbs, spicy peppers, and a blast of zesty orange tastes.
THC Level: It has a THC level of 18% to 20%.
Height: There’s no information regarding its height.
Growing Difficulty: It is known to have a moderate level of growing difficulty.

What are the Effects of Dorit?

Dorit is one of the many strains that doesn’t provide any psychoactive features since it is made solely for treating major medical conditions. We’ll go through them later but for now, this strain is notable for having a high THC level but without putting you into a narcotic or psychedelic state. It can cause a very uplifting effect on your mind which sets your mood to a euphoric high with a burst of happiness and contentment.

You’ll feel exactly clear in the mind with a sense of focus and motivation. It can also relax your muscles and your body altogether without hindering your performance at work or at home.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dorit?

Now to its medical benefits. Dorit acts as an anti-inflammatory strain which is good in relieving pain-related symptoms. This strain is also very efficient in helping combat conditions including Cachexia, Diabetes, Emphysema, Crohn’s Disease, arthritis, anorexia, asthma, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, PTSD, stress, and even cancer.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Dorit?

It still does have some adverse effects but is dubbed as minimal which includes dry mouth and eyes.

Tips for Growing Dorit

Dorit doesn’t come in seed form and the techniques and methods of growing it is kept secret by the facility that bred it.