Double Tap Marijuana Strain Review

Double Tap is a product of crossing three genuinely legendary strains of Monster Cookies, Yeti OG, and Bloo’s Kloos.

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Double Tap Specifications

Type: It is a 70% indica and 30% sativa strain.
Flowering Period: It has a 49 to 72 days flowering cycle.
Climate: There is no information regarding the preferred climate of this strain.
Yield: There’s no data on the amount of yield this strain can produce.
Aroma: The scent that Double Tap sends to its users is a combination of pine and diesel with a hint of spicy and pungent grape odor when it is burned.
Taste: The buds of this strain produces a sweet grape and nutty pine taste with bits of diesel when exhaled.
THC Level: It has a THC level of about 20%.
Height: The maximum height of this strain is frankly not available.
Growing Difficulty: It is fairly an easy strain to grow which is suitable for beginner weed growers.

What are the Effects of Double Tap?

Double Tap provides an extremely heavy high which hits your hard both on your body and mind by causing a rush of cerebral power just as soon as the first puff is made. It totally places you in the happiest place you ever wished you’ll stay forever in. This strain also got your back when it comes to being creative in so many ways possible including being good at social gatherings.

As time passes by, your body will eventually feel totally relaxed and your extremities will soon feel numb and immovable causing you to fall into a deep and worth it sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Double Tap?

This strain is ideal for treating chronic pain, migraines, headaches, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, glaucoma, fatigue, and pressures on the eye.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Double Tap?

The negative effects of this strain include dryness of the mouth and the eyes.

Tips for Growing Double Tap

There’s no information regarding how this strain should be taken care of or even the techniques that should be observed to achieve an optimized Double Tap plant.