Dream Police Marijuana Strain Review

Dream Police is a distinguishable strain or its solid flowers that are medium to large. They have rounded shapes and a hybridized structure. This hybrid is a cross between Dreamy Bubbles and AK-47. This strain is great for both recreational and medicinal purpose. This strain has the scent of blueberry.

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Dream Police is a fun smoke whether you’re enjoying it alone or in the company of some good friends. Its rich flavor profile also makes it a good choice for terpene connoisseurs.

Type: Hybrid
Flowering Period: 60 Days
Climate: October Cool
Yield: 37-42 grams per square foot of the plant
Flavors: Pepper, Blueberry, Citrus
THC Level: 18-27%
Height: Short
Growing Difficulty: Novice

What are the Effects of DREAM POLICE

The effects of Dream Police are intense and relatively quick. A head rush comes quickly and comes with a slight pressure around the head and temples. But the elevation of mood as well as euphoria and bursts of happiness are seen. Dream Police also activate mental abilities and are good for accomplishing detailed task-based workloads. The effects level down to a buzz that is relaxing and may feel weighty on the limbs. But this allows users to enjoy more physical activities like exercise.

What are the Medical Benefits of DREAM POLICE?

This versatile strain also has its medical application. The cerebral focus of the high is great for those with attention deficit disorders. Its multilayered effects help level down symptoms of depression and anxiety. Physically, this strain is upbeat, mood-altering that helps those that suffer from inflammation-related concerns such as chronic pains and arthritis. Dream Police also increase appetite and are good for those dealing with diminished hunger.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from DREAM POLICE?

Because of its intense effects strain is not recommended for users who have low THC tolerance.

Tips for Growing DREAM POLICE

Seeds of this strain are available online and are easy to procure. Successful cultivation of this plant will yield a short and bushy plant that’s about 3ft in height with a modest yield. Novice growers can try their hands at this strain, making sure that they adequately top the plant and give it the right amount of daytime/light.