Ducth Dope Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Ducth Dope Seeds

The flexibility of Dutch Dope is extremely useful to most farmers and marijuana planters whether they use it for medical purposes or business. As a combined hybrid strain of indica and Sativa, its capability to adapt and grow from any weather and any location prior to the type of cannabis it is, many have found that it is easier to produce. Due to its flexibility, more people, doctor, and professionals used Dutch Dope to plant for their own hence it is widely used as medical marijuana for people who suffer the loss of appetite, insomnia and many more. Many believed and have proven that such medication can ease their tension or stress but in order for them to use such medication they needed a doctor or a physician’s certification. However such medications are not yet approved in some countries but time will come that they will have a larger information and knowledge about the health benefits that it can give.

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Where to buy Dutch Dope cannabis seeds?

You can buy Dutch Dope seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company and other legitimate marijuana seed banks. When you order from an online seed bank, they will ship your purchases to your address discretely. You might also receive some free seeds if you reach their promo requirements.

Dutch Dope Marijuana Specification

Type:  Hybrid of Indica (60 percent) and Sativa (40 percent)
Flowering Period: 7.5 -8 weeks
Climate: indoor or outdoor
Yield: 475 (grams/m2)
 Stone: Flying high Dutchman
THC Level: 15 percent
 Height: Three to Five feet
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special features of Dutch Dope

  • Dutch Dope is an easy to handle marijuana strain that can grow in whatever type of growing conditions (indoors, outdoors, greenhouses) and in any kind of growing medium.

  • It is an indica-Sativa hybrid cannabis that is naturally robust and can tolerate well even the harsh environmental conditions.

  • Even with a short flowering time of 8 weeks, the Dutch Dope strain is expected to produce a yield of approximately 475 grams/m2.

  • The THC level is high (15% THC) and smoking the buds will produce an uplifting happy high.

  • It is a good choice for medical patients suffering from anorexia, stress, and insomnia.

Growing Dutch Dope Tips

Dutch Dope is an extremely strong marijuana strain that is mostly favored by many growers. Allow the plants with 8 weeks of flowering time in order to obtain a high yield that is expected from this pot variety.

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