Dutch Hawaiian Marijuana Strain Review

Top Shelf Seeds bred this Sativa-dominant strain from Dutch Treat and Fruity Hawaiian Landrace. This highly potent strain has THC levels that can go as high as 28.31% and is not for new users. This strain was engineered to taste tropically sweet and citrusy. Its aroma is a combination of an orange-tinge scent with herbal notes. When broken, the buds burn a rich smoke. With a musky aftertaste.

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Dutch Hawaiian has medium-sized flowers that with a spade-like shape that tapers and cling together. Its leaves have a ragged appearance that is a brighter shade of green with orange pistils. Its flowers are of typical sativa-structure with green nugs that’s thin with orange sparse hairs and thick frosty-covered white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.

Type: Sativa
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Semi-humid, 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yield: Above average
Flavors: Citrus, Sweet, Tropical
THC Level: 18-28.31%
Height: Average
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Effects of DUTCH HAWAIIAN?

Usage of Dutch Hawaiian has several effects, this strain is slow acting but as it slowly creeps in, users feel their senses sharpen. The cerebral high brought about by this strain is dynamic and intense only leveling out to grounding physical relaxation. The mental effects include long-lasting euphoria and upliftment with some thought-provoking tendencies.

What are the Medical Benefits of DUTCH HAWAIIAN?

Dutch Hawaiian is valued medically for its high potency. Its high potency of 28% has great effects on medical conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and stress. It also has great effectiveness for physical ailments like chronic or temporary pains.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from DUTCH HAWAIIAN?

The negative effects of Dutch Hawaiian are a lasting dry mouth and dry eyes,

Tips for Growing DUTCH HAWAIIAN

This strain has no commercially available seeds and breeders looking for this strain would have to find a mature plant to clone. Cloning of this plant requires a certain amount of attention. Temperature is vital for growing this strain and should be kept around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a semi-humid climate. This strain grows well outdoors but can also be grown indoors with an average yield.