Dutch Passion NL Review

Based on Amsterdam,  this company is founded during the 1970s by Henk van Dalen. Nonetheless, this company is one of the most pioneering and largest cannabis breeders in the world. They produced a variety of cannabis strains including the Dutch Passion Blueberry, and Think Different for which are known by a lot of cannabis enthusiasts. Nonetheless, the strains from this company are being distributed to multiple seed banks including Attitude Seedbank, GTA seedbank, La Mota BCN, and Maryjane’s Garden. Consequently, the company has various promos and discounts that could go as much as 500 euros.

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SeedbankCrop King SeedsSun
West Genetics
Seeds ManI Love Growing Marijuana
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Ships FromCanadaCanadaUnited KingdomNetherlands
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Best Features of Dutch Passion NL

Shipping Information

The company allows international delivery with free shipping upon orders above 125 euros. Nonetheless, the company offers a 24 hour delivery with a 2.50 euros standard mail and 9 euros registered mail. However, shipping to countries where cannabis is illegally discouraged by the company. This is only meant for souvenir and collection.

Seed Selection

For more than two decades of service, the company has bred and produced a variety of cannabis strains. Among known includes Auto-Blueberry, Auto Mazar, Blue Moonshine, Blueberry, and Californian Orange. They sell various forms of seeds from feminized, regular, auto-flowering, and medical types. They purchase seeds in 3, 5, or 10 as needed.

Customer Service

There is a mixture of reviews with this company. But nonetheless, most reviews are positive from almost more than two decades of its experience on the cannabis service. It’s a multi-awarded company bragging about a lot of awards and recognitions from different cannabis communities in the world.

Website Functionality

Since it’s a reputable company, it has an established website that you could visit with. Everything is complete with a variety of cannabis strains being offered onto its website. Aside from that, there are various outlets that you could use to contact the company. They have social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Aside from that, you could contact them through email or skype as needed. You could also call them or visit them with their various retailing shops spread across the Netherlands.

Pricing and Payments

The company accepts various forms of payments. You could directly transfer cash into their bank account or go DIRECT or e-banking if you are situated in countries like the UK, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland respectively.

What We Like About Dutch Passion NL


Longevity of Services

High Quality and Variety of Seeds

Worldwide and Stealth Shipping

What We Don’t Like About Dutch Passion NL

Few Negative Reviews

Our Verdict

Indeed, the company is one of the best existing right now for which is completely legit. It sells and breeds multi-awarded cannabis strains with only a few complaints as to its seed quality. Nevertheless, the company has a very visible website with complete details written into it. The company is one of the first cannabis companies built in the Netherlands.