Early Sexing Of Marijuana Plants

Growing cannabis from a pack of regular seeds will let you cultivate both male and female plants. Unless you are growing pot seeds that are feminized, you are required to identify and pull the male weed plants out from the garden if you want an abundant harvest of highly potent buds. Yes, regular cannabis seeds can grow either as female or male plants. Almost half of the seeds you will grow are male marijuana plants.

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It is less a hassle if you are growing feminized marijuana seeds because they will all continue to develop into female cannabis plants if cultivated in a suitable environment and using proper marijuana growing techniques. If your purpose of growing weed is not to breed, removing the male plants from the pot garden is necessary so there will be no chance of pollination to happen.

Characteristics of Male and Female Marijuana Plants

Identifying the gender of the cannabis plants is possible during the flowering stage. The characteristics of both male and female marijuana can already be noticed during the pre-flowering time with the use of a magnifying glass. The pre-flowering of marijuana can start from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the kind of strain. However, it takes experience and expertise to be able to point out which ones are male and which among them are females during the pre-flowering phase. You will know that you are growing pot male plants if you notice small balls on the internodes while the female plants will start forming white hairs that will develop into flowers.

Early sexing of the weed plants is necessary if you do not want pollination to happen. If the female marijuana plants are not pollinated by the males, they will turn into pure sensimilla marijuana that has high potency yet sweet and mild to smoke.

Only female marijuana plants will produce buds with high THC content. The potency of the buds is affected when a male cannabis plant starts to shed pollens on a female pot. For high potency and abundant harvest, pull the male plants away from the garden before they start to pollinate the females. Do it gently because during the process of pulling them out, some seeds may accidentally fall on the females.

In growing marijuana, early sexing is possible during the pre-flowering phase and that is on the 4th or 5th week of the vegetative period. Begin sexing the cannabis plants during the pre-flowering time with the use of a magnifier and of course, the expertise to determine males from females.

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