Effetto Serra Review

A trusted seed bank originated from Amsterdam that has been around since 1999. This seed bank has been founded by the name Frankie Sierra. This company enjoys discreet selling and purchasing of cannabis seeds to avoid conflicting issues regarding it, especially utilization of cannabis is still unaccepted by the society. Unlike any other seed banks, there is no existing website or a logo as to take a glimpse of the seeds it being offered. But nonetheless, the company is quite known to cannabis forums and circles. This sells wide range seed variety which includes hybrid and ganja cannabis seeds. This company is known for its highly specialized techniques and strategies for producing excellent seeds.

Top Seed Banks to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2019

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Ships FromCanadaCanadaUnited KingdomNetherlands
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Best Features of Effetto Serra

Shipping Information

The company allows shipping worldwide. They ensure a fast and reliable shipping experience no matter where you are in the world. Though, the company did not give details on however or whatever shipping would go on. But nonetheless, this company is making abuzz in the cannabis forums.

Seed Selection

The company offers a variety of seeds available for purchase to its potential customers. Its seeds are highly experimented and tested to improve quality in order to ensure efficiency and performance of the seeds. Likewise, seeds including thewhite widow, pink widow, and theHindu Kush are among seeds that are genetically altered to produce short and sticky cannabis plants that are highly desirable for various users. Aside from that, the company has also been producing other seeds including ganja strains such as Skunk Strains that is famous among cannabis growers.

Customer Support

There is no email, phone number, or any address that is given by the company. Nonetheless, the company perhaps is keeping things silent to avoid trouble and complications. But looking at it, they could most likely inform their contact number or email to those trusted and is forbidden to get exposeon the internet.

Website Functionality

There is no existing website with the said seed bank. The company wants everything to stay discreet and smooth as much as possible.

Pricing and Payment

There’s no related information regarding what forms or how orders are going to get paid. The pricing of the seeds has also kept private by the company.

What We Like

  • Seed Variety
  • Great Reviews
  • Discreet Transaction

What We Don’t Like

  • No Website
  • Disclosed Contact Information


Though could not be found much on the internet, this company have received good reviews coming from its users. This company has been a news to various marijuana forums and circles. However, contacting the company is a challenge especially to those who are first-timers. There’s no exact location of their offices, email, or even phone numbers that you could call into whenever you want to ask for an order. Nevertheless, the company ensures a discreet operation especially cannabis cultivation is quite illegal in various countries.