First Girl Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy First Girl Seeds

First Girl marijuana seeds are considered as delightful little ladies who are most loved by most growers. As its name signifies, it has a very short span of a flowering season and it will actually finish right before other types of marijuana weeds will bear its flowers. First Girl marijuana seeds are ideal for most individuals who want to obtain a variety of indica first thing in a year. If you want to grow this type of weed at home, you made a good choice because it is a tough kind of weed and it is capable of resisting any type of plant diseases. You can actually harvest it by the end of September. This type of pot plant loves colder climates. Furthermore, you need to keep it not exposed to daylight. This kind of strain generates a smooth and soft flavor. Its buds are hard and large with lots of resin and THC crystals.

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Where to buy First Girl cannabis seeds?

Purchase First Girl marijuana seeds from an online seedbank which is based in Amsterdam and you will receive your order in a discrete package that even the mailman won’t know what you just ordered. You may also receive some high-quality marijuana seeds for free. Before ordering, make sure to check your local laws regarding growing marijuana. We don’t promote anything against the law on our website. We only give information to those who are growing marijuana legally.

First Girl Marijuana Specification

Flowering Period: 8  weeks
Type: Indica-Sativa mix
Harvest: End of September
Climate: outdoor
Stoned or High: indica body buzz
Yield: 350 grams/plant
THC level: medium 10%
Height: 35 – 50 cm
Grow Difficulty: easy for beginners

Special Features of First Girl

1. First Girl holds 70% indica traits so it can maintain a short to medium height. It is a versatile marijuana plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

2. It is a good pot strain to start growing for beginners because it is easy to handle with lesser demands.

3. Smoking the First Girl buds leaves the smoker with a very potent high that is long lasting and unforgettable.

4. The buds of First Girl exude a rich flavorful taste that is unique and mouthwatering.

5. Approximately 4 oz. per plant of harvest can be expected when First Girl is grown indoors and about 12 oz. per plant if cultivated outdoors.

Growing First Girl Tips

First Girl can give you a different amount of harvest, depending on where you will grow the plants. For higher yield, grow First Girl outdoors where it can receive abundant sunlight.

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