Flowering Time- Determine The Sex Of Weed Plants

For most beginners in weed growing, it is never easy to determine the sex of marijuana plants. When marijuana is young, you can never tell if it is a male or female. The sex of cannabis plants is best determined during the flowering time.  Unless you are growing feminized weed seeds, make sure you know the difference of male from the female cannabis plants because when pollination occurs, the potency of the buds produced by the female plants is reduced.

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Characteristics of Male Weed Plants

During the flowering period, male cannabis will produce small balls that resemble like little buds. You will know that the plant is a male because these little balls produce no white hairs. Male cannabis plants usually have fewer leaves compared to females, stout and tall stems and irregular branching.

Characteristics of Female Cannabis

During the flowering phase, female marijuana plants will begin producing small white hairs and no balls. Flowers will continue to develop if not pollinated with a male weed and produce high THC content.

Sexing Marijuana Plants during Flowering Stage

Early sexing is very important if you are growing marijuana and you want only the ones that produce buds. Determining the sex of cannabis plants is best done during the flowering time of growing cannabis. The flowering period will tell you how many male and female plants you have grown in your pot garden.  This period will help determine the number of buds you can harvest. Retain the female ones if you want great bud production and remove the male plants as soon as detected before they have the chance of pollinating the females.

In a growing pot, the flowering phase is the best time to determine the sex of the weed plants. If you want no males and you are not up for breeding marijuana, you may grow feminized seeds. If you are growing regular seeds, you will never know how many males and how many females are produced in a pack of pot seeds you are growing. Wait until the flowering time to know the sex of the pot plants.

During the flowering phase of cannabis growing, destroy the male weed plants as soon as spotted in the garden if you want all female marijuana plants that produce buds. If you are growing pot indoors, make sure that you met the light requirements because the number of light and dark hours that the plants receive has a great impact during the flowering period.

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